Wednesday 03.17.21


Teams of 3

10/7 Calorie Bike
10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
10 Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)

Partners complete full rounds before switching.

CV Bulletin
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
There will be no Noon class today but the gym will be open for Open Gym during that time.

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Tuesday 03.16.21

Tyler S.

“Shopping Cart”
On the 3:00 x 8 Rounds:
Run 200 Meters
Front Squats

Round 1: 5 Front Squats
Round 2: 5 Front Squats
Round 3: 3 Front Squats
Round 4: 3 Front Squats
Round 5: 3 Front Squats
Round 6: 1 Squat Clean
Round 7: 1 Squat Clean
Round 8: 1 Squat Clean

All rounds come from the floor and rep 1 of each set must be a squat clean.

CV Bulletin
Reminder that all Open Workout 21.1 scores are due on Monday at 9pm.

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Monday 03.15.21

The boys of 6:30am

“Jalapeño Powder”
6 Dumbbell Burpees (40s/25s)
12 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches (40s/25s)
24 AbMat Sit-ups


“Open Workout 21.1”
For Time: (Time Cap: 15 Minutes)
1 Wall Walk
10 Double Unders
3 Wall Walks
30 Double Unders
6 Wall Walks
60 Double Unders
9 Wall Walks
90 Double Unders
15 Wall Walks
150 Double Unders
21 Wall Walks
210 Double Unders

CV Bulletin
Remind your friends to submit their Open score!
Submissions are due by Monday at 8pm EST.
On to Week 2!

We are still seeking additional judges to aid in the continuity of The Open, particularly in classes!
All judges:
– Receive a $10 reimbursement credit towards their April membership
– Receive a $20 credit to the CV Store (New Merchandise is dropping this month!)

If you are interested in helping, please complete the 2021 Judges Course and email your pdf certificate to Thank you, volunteers!

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Sunday 03.14.21


“Prison Break”
For Time:
Run 400 Meters
Rest 1 Minute
Run 800 Meters
Rest 2 Minutes
Run 1200 Meters
Rest 3 Minutes
Run 1600 Meters

CV Bulletin
Calling all Wall Walkers! Many of us are feeling the excitement and passion that comes with the CrossFit Open. Many of us are also thinking “Man, I could have done 5-10 reps better!” or “I could probably try RX.” You’re right – you could and you’re allowed to try again and again! Scores must be submitted to by 8pm on Monday. Therefore, it’s STILL not too late to register and join the fun this weekend and more over the next three weeks.
Register HERE and don’t miss out on next week’s Friday Night Lights!
There are two different times in which you could attempt a “Retest” or go for the first time:

1. Sunday Open Gym (8-11am)
2. Monday Class

During The Open, Monday’s class will have an option inside it. Either you choose to retest that week’s Open workout, giving you one last crack at bettering your score before submissions are due for the worldwide leaderboard, or you perform the prescribed Monday workout. The prescribed workout for class will always contain similar movements, time domains, muscle groups, etc. to The Open workout. This way, it is truly your choice to give it one last shot in hopes of climbing the leaderboard and bettering your performance or you choose to be “one and done” and begin to mentally prepare for the next week.

For example, Monday’s class workout will be a 15 minute AMRAP of dumbbell burpees, dumbbell snatches, and sit-ups. This workout will be just as long as 21.1 and will utilize the same muscle groups (shoulders, upper back, and core).

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Saturday 03.13.21


“Road Rage”
Teams of 3
2 Rounds: (Time Cap: 30 Minutes)
70/50 Calorie Bike
45 Deadlifts (155/105)
70/50 Calorie Bike
30 Power Cleans (155/105)
70/50 Calorie Bike
15 Front Squats (155/105)

CV Bulletin
Wasn’t 21.1 AMAZING?!
Thank you to ALL of the volunteers, judges, scorecard runners, etc.
We are a family at Clinch Valley and could not be more thankful for each of you reading this!
It’s STILL not too late to sign up for The Open! Join the fun and register HERE!
Scores are due by Monday at 8pm.

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Friday 03.12.21


Open Workout 21.1
For Time: (Time Cap: 15 Minutes)
1 Wall Walk
10 Double Unders
3 Wall Walks
30 Double Unders
5 Wall Walks
50 Double Unders
9 Wall Walks
90 Double Unders
15 Wall Walks
150 Double Unders
21 Wall Walks
210 Double Unders

CV Bulletin
Today’s Schedule:
5:30am – Class
6:30am – Class
7:30am – Class
12:00pm – Class
4:00pm – 7:00pm – Friday Night Lights*

*Workouts during FNL are exclusive to Open participants only but the gym is open to all spectators!
Come hang out and support your friends as they take on Open Workout 21.1
Don’t want to spectate? Want to participate? It’s not TOO LATE! Register HERE!
Sign-up for a heat by clicking the link at the bottom of the bulletin.

During Friday Night Lights, kegs from local breweries will be at Clinch Valley.
Cups will be made available to purchase and you must be 21+ and please drink responsibly.
For Week 1 of the open, our keg is from Schulz Bräu Brewing Company.

Heat Sign-ups for Open Workout 21.1

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Thursday 03.11.21


Today is Bring a Friend Thursday!

All 7 Classes are FREE to friends & family!

“Break My Stride”
On the 7:00 x 5 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run

Score is the Slowest of 5 Rounds.

CV Bulletin
The 2021 Open is here!
Tonight at 7:35pm, Open Workout 21.1 will be announced. (Link below)
It’s not too late to register!

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Wednesday 03.10.21

“Death By Pull-ups”
At 0:00: 1 Pull-up
At 1:00: 2 Pull-ups
At 2:00: 3 Pull-ups
At 3:00: 4 Pull-ups
At 4:00: 5 Pull-ups

Continue to add (1) pull-up to each round until you reach failure.

CV Bulletin
For the 2021 season, CrossFit is introducing a new competition: the CrossFit Occupational Games. The news was announced by Dave Castro on the official CrossFit Games YouTube channel this Friday.

The new tournament will initially only be eligible for six professional occupations. Each group is separated by gender:
Military service member
Law enforcement officer
Healthcare worker
College student

The Occupational Games will take place in May, from 6th to 10th, and will coincide with the Age-Group-Online Qualifier. The new competition will feature the same workout variations as the masters 35-54 age groups.

How to participate in the CrossFit Occupational Games

The Open will be used as the qualifying parameters for Occupational Games. To participate, athletes must identify themselves with one of the occupations above and update their Open profile using one of the hashtags: #militaryservicemember, #lawenforcementofficer, #firefighter, #healthcare, #collegestudent, or #schoolteacher.

The athlete must be currently working in the chosen field to be able to qualify for the competition.

Who qualifies to the 2021 CrossFit Occupational Games?

At the end of the third week of the 2021 Open, the top 10 percent of each occupational group will qualify to compete in the online Occupational Games. The registration fee is US$50.

This 10% will be determined by the Open leaderboard and can be accessed separately under the “Service Occupations” category.

At the end of The Occupational Games, the CrossFit community will have six new titles to fight for, such as Fittest Law Enforcement Officer on Earth, or Fittest Healthcare Worker on Earth.

The CrossFit Open is an online, global competition for CrossFit athletes around the world and it starts March 11th. It is the first stage of competition towards a qualifying spot for the CrossFit Games. Registration for the 2021 CrossFit Open has started, you can sign up here.

Read the official announcement made by CrossFit Inc. here.

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Monday 03.08.21


Push Press
Build to a Heavy Set of 5

“Raise the Roof”
5 Strict Pull-ups
15 Push Press (115/80)
75 Double Unders

CV Bulletin
The Open kicks off this Friday!
21.1 will be announced on Thursday night
We’ll do the workout in class and/or at Friday Night Lights the next day!
5:30am – Class
6:30am – Class
7:30am – Class
12:00pm – Class
4:00 – 7:00pm – Friday Night Lights*
*A Google Sheet will be available on Thursday night for Friday.

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