Wednesday 07.08.20

The roar on Market Street

Dirt Devil
On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:
5 Devil Presses (50s/35s)
10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell
15 Double Dumbbell Squats (50s/35s)
10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell
5 Devil Presses (50s/35s)

Post slowest round to comments.

Question of the Day
What actor/actress would play the role of your significant other in the film on your life?

CV Bulletin
Tomorrow is Bring a Friend Thursday

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  1. I played this one safe and actually asked my wife. She said she would LOVE for it to be Margot Robbie, but in reality she has more of an Anna Farris personality. Yes… both rock in my opinion. I know, I definitely married up!

  2. 2:34
    QOD: going with Chris Pratt – goofy and cute

  3. 3:05? I don’t know… It was definitely the last round.
    QOD: Amy Adams — redheaded, freckled, gorgeous, talented

  4. 2:04 – 75# sandbag
    QOD: I’m not touching this one!

  5. 2:19- 1st round slowest, 15#db

  6. Dirt Devil: 2:28 (35s)
    QoD: Saoirse Ronan – If you’ve never seen the facial resemblance with her & Deena … Google it.

  7. Dirt devil: 2:45 (3rd round) 45lb DB’s

  8. 2:40
    30lb DB’s

    Clay had to make some changes for me. I did 20 plank shoulder taps instead of the 10 hops. My knee is feeling funny.

  9. Dirt Devil: Still cannot grip with left hand, so….One arm dumbbell snatch 55# in place of devil press and goblet squats. Slowest: 1:48 (rd 4).

    QoD: Debra Messing.

  10. 2:32 (15# DB)

  11. WOD: 2:34 25#
    QOD: Ryan Gosling

  12. 15# – fastest 1:42 slowest 2:17
    QOD – id say Jason Statham 😂😂😂😂

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