Thursday 06.04.20

Mindy and Brandon

Gun Powder
Teams of 3
2 Rounds (Time Cap: 30 Minutes)
75 Back Squats (155/105)
400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (20/14)
75 Bench Press (135/95)
400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (20/14)
75 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (20/14)

Post teammates and score to comments.

Question of the Day
What is the best Target impulse buy?

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  1. Me and my better half were partners this morning.
    60 reps instead of 75
    155# 135# 115# 8# wall ball
    Completed the 2nd round of bench press before we were time capped.

    QoD: not a big Target fan.

  2. Gun Powder: 1 Round + 75 Back Squats, 400m, 32 Strict Press (155/95/95) Deadlift > Back Squat, Strict Press > Bench Press
    Teammates: Travis Freeman & Blythe Sanders
    QoD: Goodfellow & Co casual clothes and/or Every Man Jack bath products

  3. I only made it through this workout because of my awesome partners, Brittney and Lucas!

    Back squat: 85lb
    400m run with 10lb WB
    Bench press: 75lb
    Hang power cleans: 65lb

    Finished 1 round plus 75 back squat, 400m run, 51 bench press

  4. Gun Powder: 1 Round + 75 Back Squats, 400m, 75 bench press, 400m run
    Back Squat: 75lb
    Bench Press: 45lb
    HPC: 45lb.
    Teammates: Keaton and Becca
    QoD: All the things

  5. A fun 30 minutes with Christin and Lucas!
    Score: What Christin said 👆🏼🤣
    QOD: Random things you don’t need are the best Target buys.

  6. Gun powder BOOM! With Brandon and Tyson
    1 round + 75 squats 400m run, 75 press 400m run.
    135# squat, 115# press.

  7. Gun Powder w/Glo
    1 rd + 50backsquats, 400 m w/10#wb, 50 bench press, 400m run w/10#wb, 44 hang clean…so close to finishing!
    Backsquat:65#, bench: 35#, hang 45#

    1. QoD: I keep forgetting to answer…not a big fan of target usually only go 1-2x/year. If we are being honest I don’t like shopping period!

  8. 1 Round + 75 Back Squats, 400m, 47 Bench press
    Rx weight and ball

    Partners: Ethan and Andrew

    So much fun!!!

  9. Gun Powder: went 5 minutes over time cap. 15# bar for all exercises. 300m run.
    QoD: clothes

  10. Gun Powder:
    Teammates: Ashley & Keaton
    75 back squats
    400m run
    75 bench press (Sit-ups for me)
    400m run
    75 hang power cleans (Squats with 8# medicine ball for me)
    400m run
    Completed 1 round + 75 back squats, 400m run, bench press/sit ups, 400m run
    QoD: impulse Target purchase….Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

  11. Gosh this one was hard for me to run! I wouldn’t have made it without my partner. April Freeman!! Man she carried me the last two runs we did!
    50 reps each time
    65 # back squats
    35# bench press
    45# cleans
    Ran a 400m with 10# ball.
    1 full round plus 50 back squats plus 400m run plus 50 bench press plus 400m run plus 44 cleans….

    I don’t normally go to target other then bathing suits…
    Walmart on the other hand….. shoooooooot I buy everything!!!!!!! I love baskets idk why!

  12. Finished the bench press round on round 2 with Missy Sanders & Jackie Champion. They humbled me. Especially since Missy kept going after time cap. I did not.
    QOD: love that dollar bin

  13. 155 back squats
    135 bench
    115 hang power cleans
    300 m run 20lb ball.
    Completed everything went 48 sec over. So close!

    With the prettiest girl at the gym! Morgan.

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