Wednesday 06.03.20


Love Shack
Deadlifts (95/65)
Hang Squat Cleans (95/65)
Lateral Barbell Burpees

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Question of the Day
Without revealing your actual age, what is something that you remember that if you told a younger person, they wouldn’t understand?

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  1. Service Merchandise and buy gas on credit (not the card)

  2. 10:40 – 35#
    Didn’t have a cell phone until I graduated college 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. 3 rounds:
    200m run
    Flutter Kicks (42, 30, 18)
    Goblet squats (21, 15, 9) 20#

    QoD: one of my favorite things about going to my grandparents house was playing on their rotary phone!

  4. Love Shack: 9:50 (65#) with THE birthday girl, Camryn Utley!
    QoD: Dewey Decimal System

  5. 10:19
    wod mods : 55lbs
    qod : not sure i’m usually the one that doesn’t understand

  6. 9:00 (as written with 55#)
    QOD: Waiting until 9pm to call my friends because the minutes were free and only having 300 text messages a month.

  7. Love Shack: 8:43. (65#, but ended up being more power than squat cleans). step back/step overs.
    QoD: I was talking about AOL instant messenger the other day and tried to explain dial up internet to Megyn. I still don’t think she understands what it was.
    Attempted my 1 rep max on hang power cleans after class. My goal for the year was to hit 125#, I’ve been stuck at 105# for 6 months. But I got it today! 🙂

  8. This is AMAZING!!! I’m so proud of you!!

  9. 10:41 25# step backs
    QoD: I can’t think of anything. I’m only 11.

  10. WOD: 10:42
    55LB BB

    QOD: dail up internet, cassette tape, Walkman, limewire, gas at $0.97 a gallon, VHS tapes, MSN messenger, landline phone, car phones with a cord. GOOD OLE DAYS! HAHAHA

  11. Love Shack BABY! 11:07-35lb

    Burpees- all the reps. Gosh, as hard as these were and as slow as I am…huge strides!

    QOD: POGS, slammers and Tamagotchi were way cool back in my late elementary days…

  12. 8:49 Rx
    QoD: 8-Tracks bc I am really that old!

    1. Edit: Rx(ish), I did not jump over the bar. I’m not that coordinated!

  13. WOD: 75lbs; step back/step over burpees
    (Played 18 this morning but also watching my ankle so I have no set backs there)

    QOD: A/S/L?; book fairs; Oregon Trail; Reebok Pumps;card catalog; Eastbay magazine; to the windows to the walls

  14. 8:33 as written with a mixture of jumping and stepping over.
    QoD: 8 tracks and a turn knob in a tv. Gives a whole meaning to your dad relying you to change the channel.

  15. 9:35
    65# barbell
    15-12-9 step over burpees

    QOD: I watched the great movies on VHS.

    Nice pic up there…cool headband.

  16. Party line telephones and only have two tv channels to watch.

  17. 9:24 55#, burpee step over
    QoD: dial up internet and calling the weather line so call waiting would beep and the phone would not ring cause my curfew was 9pm!

  18. ~10.01 75#
    135 heavy Squat clean
    QoD: here is a quarter, call someone who cares (Best Travis Tritt voice)

  19. 8:19 that was a fun little burner!
    QOD: T-9 was a thing!

  20. Love shack:11:57
    Rx for the most part. Except for jumping over the bar. I stepped across. Then crawled across. I might have even rolled under it a couple times. The last round was kind of a blur. 😂
    QOD:how bout yard darts???

  21. 55# All reps 13:12 these squat cleans burn my legs up!!! Watch summer 2020 I’m going to have the best legs in town 😂😂😂

    QOD: there is a few! I had a Tamagotchi pet. I recorded the top 20 countdown on a cassette tape and I also would record my ringtone from my brand new flip phone from the radio. I also remember growing up that my house phone I had to sit next to it to be able to talk on it and anybody could pick it up and listen to our conversation.

  22. Love shack: 12:15 (95lbs)

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