Wednesday 05.27.20



3 Rounds:
100 Double Unders
21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
12 Thrusters (95/65)

Post time to comments.

Question of the Day:
Would you rather accidentally leave your sunglasses or sunscreen at home?

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  1. Sunglasses

  2. 11:46 Rx just moving this morning!
    QOD: sunscreen ONLY bc someone else ALWAYS has some kind of sunscreen! 😎

  3. SUs / Blue KB / 45#
    Sunscreen (I can have it with me and still forget to use it)

  4. Hydraulics: Synchronized thrusters with my main man, Blythe and a time of 11:30 (35# / 65#)
    QoD: I wear each of those 1-2 times per year so … I’ll say I’d rather leave the sunscreen (Sorry, Mom)

  5. 7:42. Still feeling the after effects of Murph so went lighter on weights and tried to move faster.
    QoD: Leave the sunscreen at home. After lasik my eyes are super sensitive to light so I need those glasses!

  6. Sunglasses…. I am way too pale to leave sunscreen at home

  7. 10:16 (50 dubs, 35#kb, 45# bar)
    QoD: Sunscreen, I’m the absolute worst!

  8. 9:52 35lb, singles (went easy today)

  9. 150 singles, 53 # kB, 95# 8:31
    QoD: Have you seen how pale I am. I’m with Shea, gotta have Sunscreen with me.

  10. 10:03 150su, 26#kb, 45#thrusters
    QoD: leave the sunscreen

  11. 12:14
    wod mods : all dubs , 26lb kettlebell swings , 45lb thrusters
    qod : leave the sunscreen 🧴

  12. WOD – 150 single unders 26# KB 35# thrusters

    Leave the sunscreen at home!

    1. Well of course I forgot the time 🤦🏼‍♀️ 11:20

  13. 9:29

    100 double unders
    35lbs kettlebell
    75lbs thruster

    Still making sure my body recovers well following Murph and walking 18 on the golf course.

    Loved the ankle mobility drills it had my ankles super ready for double unders today.

    Everything unbroken except 2 sets of double unders. Pretty stoked about that.

    QOD: popular opinion would say someone like me would say sunscreen but I honestly don’t burn (ask my wife blows her mind) not having sunglasses really bothers me.

    1. Awesome stuff today, Rob! Love chatting with you between classes, man. Also, would ANY baseball player/coach leave the sunglasses?!

  14. 11:09 (as written with 55# thrusters)
    QOD: I’d rather leave my sunglasses

  15. 12:35
    100 singles
    35# kb
    65# thruster

    I said sunglasses this morning. Hate sunburn, but Creekmore is right. Somebody else will always have sunscreen. So, yeah, gotta have the sunglasses with me.

  16. 11:17
    150 su, 35lb kb, 65lb bar


  17. 7:21
    I needs my sunglasses. Always.

  18. 9:54. 53#&95#

    QoD: leave the sunscreen. I normally don’t think about it until I’m burning anyway.

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