Wednesday 05.20.20

Team Tosh Sprints

For Time:
100-80-60-40-20 Double Unders
50-40-30-20-10 AbMat Sit-ups
10-8-6-4-2 Deadlifts (275/185)

Post time to comments.

Question of the Day:
What food were you a skeptic on until you actually gave it a try and loved it?

CV Bulletin:
Murph Sign-ups have 3 days remaining

This Saturday, May 23, the 9am class will permanently bump UP thirty minutes to 8:30am! Saturday schedule will be as follows:


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  1. 12:59- 150, 120, 90, 60, 30 singles. 275#
    QoD: Sushi

    1. That boy STRONG. Nothing hypes me up like walking into the gym and seeing the 6:30 just WORKING. Nice stuff, Travis!

  2. 17:03 (20 DUs then SUs 100/80/60/40/20 – All SUs – 125 #s)
    Steak cooked medium

    1. I love when you’re in the 7:30, Leslie!

  3. Triceratops: 14:39 (225#)
    QoD: Mettbrötchen is a raw, minced pork sandwich with garlic, salt, pepper, and other spices. You must eat it the day it is processed or else food poisoning becomes a serious issue. I had it at a market in Ludwigshafen, Germany and IT WAS DELICIOUS!

  4. 12:59
    singles, 75#
    QoD: Shrimp

    1. Way to be aggressive on the jump rope this morning, Hannah. Also, shrimp is bae.

  5. 12:25 (35#DL, singles jump rope, situps 30-20-10-10-10)
    QoD: calamari

    1. You’re doing so great in class, Megyn! Stay hungry for progress!

  6. 12:39 (125#DL, singles)
    QoD: I had never had a sweet potato until our nutrition challenge last October. Where have those been all my life??

    1. Awesome having you and Megyn in front of me during today’s class so I could pace off of those AbMat Sit-ups. Literal sparks coming from you guys, Melanie!

  7. 13:17 (125#DL, 20 dubs before every round of singles all reps)
    QoD: Tilapia

    1. 100 DU today. Making progress, Missy!

  8. 13:47

    QOD: I’m skeptical of all foods until I try them.

  9. 13:01 – 85# deadlift, SUs
    QOD: avocados 🥑

    1. I LOVE having you in my Noon class, Katherine! Nice work on those deadlifts. *We have a new 1RM… FOR SURE*

  10. 12:40 (145#)
    WOD: Sushi

    1. About to open the flood gates of food you’ll love, Brittney Stacy. Thanks for being consistently one of the hardest workers in the room.

  11. 11:21- 105#dl, 1.5xsingles
    QoD: sushi for sure…now I’m in love!

  12. 13:40 155# should have gone heavier
    QoD: sushi I would died for some now

    1. I also would died for a salmon roll, Ethan. Way to push the pace on those AbMats!

  13. 13:17
    wod mods : all dubs , all sit-ups , 135lb deadlifts
    qod : coconut 🥥

  14. DU-80-60-40-20-20
    225# DL

    1. Over 200 DU?! They’re become a skill, Tyson White! Nice work

  15. All singles
    185# deadlift

    The Sweet Potato is the latest old dislike I now do like. I eat everything pretty much…

    1. Fun to watch you boys throw down in that 6:30. Nice hustle this morning, Kevin!

  16. 185lb bar, rx reps but did single unders.

    1. Brussel sprouts

      1. Deena was telling me how much she loves the 4pm and your character & work ethic are a small reason why. Keep being awesome, Bike Mike!

  17. 12:58 so fun!
    1.5x rx singles • 125# deadlift

    QoD: enchiladas

    1. There are people skeptic of enchiladas?! I had no idea! Nice work on those sit-ups tonight, Stacey!

  18. 1.5 single under. Sit-ups as written and deadlifts as written 185lbs. 15:50

    1. I know we went back and forth after class but I’m pretty sure I saw an ab during the deadlifts haha. Nice work, Justin!

  19. Singles as written.
    30 20 10 10 10 ab mat sit ups.
    275 as written. Heavy. Whew.
    QOD:Tomatoes. I hated them as a kid. Now I love em!

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