Wednesday 05.13.20


Snatch Complex
2 Snatch Pulls + 1 Power Snatch

For Time:
30 Snatches (135/95)

Post heaviest load of complex and time to comments.

Question of the Day:
Which movie star would you choose to play the role of you in an upcoming blockbuster?

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  1. Dail Cantrell would be played by either Pierce Brosnon or Mark Harmon

    1. Brosnon enters stage left with Nicki laced to his arm and looks at the cocktail waitress and says “shaken, not stirred”. Awesome job today, Dail!

      1. Super bummed I couldn’t make it today! Sandra Bulluck would be my pick!

  2. 80# complex
    Isabell: 1:55 @ 55#
    QOD: Jennifer Garner

    1. Actually it was 1:50

      1. 50lb Complex
        35lb- 2:12

        QOD: Mrs. Incredible….obviously Disney

    2. Jennifer Garner & Matthew McConaughey?! Just bought my tickets.

  3. 2:45
    QoD: Reese Witherspoon

    1. Becca, what a perfect actress for you! I imagine it’s the Legally Blonde version of her

      1. Love her!! My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama!

  4. 40# complex

  5. 65# Complex
    2:10 with 45#s

    I pick the latest Wonder Woman girl – gives me something to work for so she could match me or maybe I could match her.

    1. She better start doing snatches if she wants to match YOU! CGI won’t work in this box! Awesome work this morning, Leslie!

  6. 45# complex
    QOD: Emma Stone

    1. Cue the scene where Emma Stone is cleaning out Spindle Tree and prepping to open for business. A faint, acoustic version of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes” plays during the rain.

  7. 155# Complex Isabel-1:34 @ 95# 33 seconds faster than November.
    QoD: Pitbull

    1. NO ANSWER made me laugh more. MISTER 3-0-5

  8. 15# 3:03 Emma Watson

    1. Awesome job working on the speed of the hips today, Megyn!

  9. 75# complex
    55# isabel in 2:24
    QoD: Blake Lively

    1. Blake Lively wants to be played by YOU, Mel! Gossip Girl ain’t snatching 75#

  10. 130# for the complex
    Isabell it was either 2:38 or 2:48 but I’m gonna our 2:48 in Wodify!
    QOD: Gal Gadot

    1. Awesome answer, Sarah! Idk if her CGI muscles are keeping up with your real ones or not but still – good anwer!

  11. 65#complex
    1:56 Isabell 45#
    QoD: Sandra Bullock

    1. Miss Congeniality version – no doubt! Nice work this evening, April!

  12. 85# for the complex
    Isabel: 1:55 65# (10# increase and 24 second decrease from November)
    QOD: Leighton Meester

    1. I only know Country Strong but that song with Garrett Hedlund ROCKS. Great effort to push with a coach in your face today, Morgan!

  13. #45 – 1:28 time…

  14. 2:33
    QoD: Denzel Washington

  15. 50lb Complex
    35lb- 2:12

    QOD: Mrs. Incredible….obviously Disney

  16. 2.10 75lbs

  17. Worked up to 165lbs

    135lbs x 30 RX = 2:35 (-:34 PR)

    Like Clay shared with the late class about controlling what you can control. I’m happy with my time even though it’s of my PR. There are a lot of people right now wishing they could work out at their gym so I’m thankful and happy anytime I can do a workout at Clinch Valley! Very grateful right now.

    Actor would have to be “alright alright” Matthew McCounghey

    1. Rob, Deena and I were just talking about how awesome it is to have you apart of this family this morning. Keep shining, buddy! Those boys need your incessant gratitude.

  18. 85 for complex; 65 for wod
    Cameron Diaz- love her!

    1. Which makes David played by who?

  19. 2:35 @ 75lb
    Tim Allen

  20. Practiced Dumbbell Snatch Technique during the complex time window

    Isabel: 1:43 All right-arm 50-lb DB Snatches

    QoD: Miles Teller

  21. 205# complex
    135# Isabel 2:12

    QOD: Kevin Hart.

    1. I’m not really sure if there’s a more accurate actor anyways. NAILED IT.

  22. 55# complex
    2:10 , 45# for wod
    QoD: jennifer aniston

  23. 115# Complex
    2:32, 75# wod

    QOD: Jonah Hill but in the Superbad years

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