Tuesday 12.01.20

Congratulations to December Member of the Month, Katherine Birkbeck!

“Jumper Cables”
15/12 Calorie Bike
12 Dumbbell Power Cleans (50s/35s)
9 Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)

CV Bulletin
Get to know December Member of the Month, Katherine Birkbeck!

What or who got you into starting CrossFit?
Dave & Lisa – they are the absolute best people around and since the gym was on Market
Street with my business, I felt like I didn’t have an excuse not to give it a try. I thought I would
just go a couple of times just to support them. Little did I know they would never be able to get
me to leave.

What is your Favorite thing about Clinch Valley CrossFit?
My 5:30 am crew! They make me feel all the feels! It makes me cry when I think about how
motivated they make me. I’m 100% a better person because of all of them. The “no man left
behind” attitude, the constant ways they encourage me, the lifelong friendships I have made,
the t-shirts, the pictures – they are everything and I could go on and on. I laugh so hard with
these people and the text threads. It’s probably ridiculous how much we communicate but
when I think back on 2020 some of my best memories are the ones in the box at 5:30 am.
Community – I would not be here day in and day out, making myself healthier than I’ve ever
been in my entire life at 39 – if it wasn’t for community.

What kind of pictures do you enjoy taking the most? (family, individual, graduation, senior,
holiday, landscapes, fall, wedding… etc.)
That’s so hard! My favorite thing about taking photos is that most people will only call a
photographer when they have something to celebrate. So it’s just such a happy thing to get to
do. I also just really love taking photos that challenge me creatively – something that pushes me
out of my comfort zone. And anything with super happy people loving each other.

What is your favorite book you have read?
Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate completely wrecked me – I couldn’t stop thinking about
it for weeks. Some other really good ones: I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson and Wonder by
R.J. Palacio {Kinder then is necessary}

What does your perfect day look like?

Morning mimosas, maybe a massage, time with family on a beautiful fall day outside, a long
table dinner in the park on Market St. with my friends.

If you could program a workout, what movements would you include?

Handstand pushups, jump rope, toes to bar

What is your biggest takeaway from 2020?
Opportunity over obstacles. I think the second those words came out of Clay’s mouth I decided
I was going to adopt those in the gym and personally. 2020 was a hard year for me business
wise in a lot of ways. I had 11 weddings cancel because of covid and a significant amount more
that altered their plans to something much smaller which meant spending a lot of time shifting
my business in a different direction. But one reason I love CVCF is the Hero WODS and the
reminder that I’m still here getting to do the hard things and it’s an honor to get to do those.
And in so many ways, the things I have done to pivot or grow under the weirdest of
circumstances have turned out to be the biggest blessings of all.

If you could hang out with anybody for an entire day, who would it be and why?
Today I would say my grandma – she’s been completely alone since March because of Covid
and I would just love to be able to hug her without the worry of giving her any kind of virus.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?

I think Hamilton counts since it’s on Netflix now, right Dail?

What is a tradition that your family has?

Every year at Christmas I fill our advent calendar with notes that the kids get to open every day
for the month of December. Some are fun things that we get to do and some are just silly notes
but I’m super big on teaching my kids to be good givers. So, we will spend one day giving out
$5 gift cards at Target (the kids just decide who to give them to). I think the first year we did
this the kids were 4 and Oliver walked up to someone and said, “Happy Birthday” instead of
“Merry Christmas” and it’s one of the memories we talk about all the time. The joy this brings
to others is a joy worth spreading. We also spend an hour ringing the bell for the Salvation
Army or we surprise someone with a gift and we don’t tell them who it’s from, etc. I love
Christmas so much!

What would you sing at Karaoke Night?
My husband and I can do a mean duet of Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe

 CV Rowling Tournament
Friday, December 11th @ 7:15pm
*Two (2) Spots Are Still Available*
Sign up HERE!
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  1. First, as great as it is, Hamilton is NOT a TV show.

    Second, CVCF coaches you have got to get Kat and her husband to sing Picture at the Rowling tournament followed by D and Clay singing Shallows with Dave and Lisa bringing us home with Don’t Go Breaking my Heart! Please make this happen!

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