Tuesday 08.18.20


Team Tosh Splash
Teams of 2
3 Rounds:
Row 250 Meters
Row 500 Meters
Row 750 Meters

Each partner does each interval.
Rest while your partner works.

Post teammate and time to comments.

Question of the Day
What are your top 3 workout songs?

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  1. 39:10 w/Hubby

  2. 39:54 w/ Blythe Bond Sanders, III aka Trey aka Babe
    So glad I did this one bc last night I wasn’t going!

  3. Team Tosh Splash: 34:54 with Matt F-F-F-Foster (**DJ Horns**)

  4. 39:?? (close to 40, but not sure of the exact time b/c I couldn’t breathe, let alone look at the clock:) It’s been 19 years, but today I got to partner with my girl Randi again. She set me up one more time for the game winner! 😉

    1. Two volleyball studs showing they still got it! Mel and Randi are two time all state legends and state champions!

  5. 32:16 Team Botanical (Dolly and Me)

  6. 34:50 with the Manimal Lucas Arnold.

    Hollywood Nights; Ants Marching; River Deep Mountain High

  7. 39:58 with the 5:30 legend Zach Farrar
    I like 80s tunes!

  8. 38:42 with Hobie.

    Eminem’s Lose Yourself, POD’s Alive, and Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5

    1. Tyler you are looking like the stud I coached when you were in high school! Keep working!

    1. Shea and you are two studs who make a great team!

  9. 40 time cap 2 rounds + 250m + 500m with Amanda Godsey!
    QOD: everything from the Pandora Dance POP Radio Station

  10. 41:16 with my sista Spencer!
    Alive- Sia
    Jolene- Dolly
    River- Bishop Briggs

  11. Shout out to Coach Clay and Coach Dave who supported the lady mavs volleyball team tonight. Before the game we voted to adopt Humble Hungry and Happy as our credo! We are better because we were trained by the stud coaches at CVCF!

  12. WOD: 39:36 with Brooke. Greatest partner of all time!

  13. WOD 39:10 partnered with Dave and Tyler! Holy crap these two guys killed me!!! They are so strong!! I had the best time being their partners!
    QOD – Jonas brothers lol! Sucker
    QOD – I’m worth it Djsleezy
    WOD 24k magic lol

  14. WOD: 37:03 with the beast zack

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