Tuesday 07.07.20

Murph Warm-up

For Time: (Time Cap: 30 Mins)
100-80-60-40-20 Double Unders
50-40-30-20-10 AbMat Sit-ups
25-20-15-10-5 Hand Release Push-ups

On the 3:00 (Starting at 0:00):
Run 200 Meters

Post time or as far as you made it to comments.

Question of the Day
Would you rather dance everywhere you go or sing each time you speak?

CV Bulletin
*Schedule Updates*
The 5:30am class is now coached by Coach Clay. Set your alarms and come workout before the sun!

CV Kids Room will be available for 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm

Saturday Schedule will be: 7:30am and 8:30am

Today’s workout is very demanding on the calves. Check out the “CV Chill Zone” where a recovery session has been programmed to restore the muscles post-workout!

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  1. 28:50, 250m row instead of run
    QOD: I’m terrible at both but singing annoys my kids, so that’s what I’ll go with

  2. 28:44, 1/2 the dubs each round, the rest as written
    QoD: Sing even though I can’t! Trey says he can sing and dance 🙄😂

  3. 29:38 with 150M run, singles x1.5, and rest as written.

    Definitely would sing ONLY if God gave me the velvet vocals of Barry Manilow.

  4. 29:17
    1.5x singles, 160M run, everything else as written
    I sing when I’m really excited…or anxious anyways so definitely singing😂

  5. 23:58
    200m run, 1.5 x singles, push-ups from knees

    I can’t sing or dance but I guess I’d choose to dance everywhere. At least dancing can help weight loss 🤣

  6. 16:27 sub double unders for barbell jump overs and release push ups with actual push ups.

  7. 26:34- 1.5x singles
    QoD: Easy…I’m dancing

  8. 23:42
    QOD: Singing for me! Inspired by Moana, Frozen and Jungle Book of course!

  9. 25:54 with 1/2 dubs each round & the rest as written. Definitely dance! 💃🏻

  10. 23:53 singles

    I am known at church as Johnny One Note and would kill to sing!

  11. 23:13 – single unders and knee pushups
    QOD: definitely dance!

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