Tuesday 06.02.20

Megyn & Melanie

Kelly Rowland
For Time:
50/35 Calorie Row
3 Rounds of “Kelly”
50/35 Calorie Row

1 Round of “Kelly” = Run 400 Meters, 30 Box Jumps, 30 Wall Balls

Post time to comments.

Question of the Day
Which is the most elite summer smell?

CV Bulletin
Congratulations to everyone who made the May Committed Club! Below is a list of the club and the number of classes attended. The winner of the Raffle for a $50 Gift Card to Rogue Fitness is Michael McCoy. Congratulations Mike and enjoy some new apparel, jump rope, or whatever you choose to purchase!

Committed Club
Brooke Housley 31
Amber Durfee 27
Ethan Charles 27
Melanie Templin 26
Missy Sanders 26
Zach Farrar 26
Michael McCoy 26
Blythe Sanders 26
April Freeman 25
Jessica Foster 25
Travis Freeman 25
Ben Taylor 25
Tyson White 25
Bethany Runions 24
Mollie Farrar 24
Megyn Templin 24
Tyler Mayes 24
Deena Seals 23
Jason Lane 23
Daniele Beeler 22
Leah Freeman 22
Daniel Runions 22
Katherine Birkbeck 21
Stacey Sharp 21
Morgan Webster 21
Matt Foster 21
Alex McGrew 21
Justin Sharp 21
Lisa Smith 20
Hannah Freeman 20
Ashley Horton 20

This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. 3:00 jump rope
    3 rounds:
    400 meter run
    30 box step ups
    30 sit-ups
    3:00 jump rope
    QoD: grilling

  2. 23:19 (step-ups & 10# wallballs)
    I think the beach is the ultimate summertime smell.

  3. Kelly Rowland: 24:16 with my boy Ryan “Wheels” Templin. Thanks for the push, Ryan & Zach!
    QoD: Australian Gold Tanning Lotion
    Congrats Committed Club!

  4. 25:28 – 300m run, step ups

  5. Kelly Rowland: 23:01 step ups/10lb wall ball

    QoD: Beach smell

  6. 300m run. 25 cal row. 8#wb. step ups
    QoD: hotdogs on the grill

    1. WOD: 25:42
      35cal row, 300m run, box step up, 14lb WB

      1. All the smells together! I can’t choose one!

  7. Kelly Rowland: Rx 28:51 (thanks Dave for coaching me through my last round & row)
    QoD: gas on the boat is the first sign of summer!

  8. 29:00
    wod mods : rx row & run & wallballs , 20 rebound box jumps
    qod : #9 🏊‍♀️

  9. 27:19- rx run, reps, row: switched to box step ups half way thru from jumps, 10#wb

    1. QoD: Love to smell food on a grill!

  10. 23:28. What a grind!!

    Beach for sure!

  11. 25:25
    Stupid box got me today
    The beach all dayyy

  12. Kelly Rowland: 24:22- 30 cal/ 300m Run/ step ups

    QOD: beach

  13. 26:07 all Rx but 20” box
    QoD: Campfires 🔥

  14. 300M run
    QOD: two stroke oil smoke and the lake.

  15. 26:41 rx
    QoD: probably fresh cut grass or the beach!

  16. 22:02 Rx

    Fresh cut grass.

  17. 30:00 on the dot (Huge Thanks for the Push, Everybody at 6:30!!)
    200m run, step ups, 14# ball

    Fresh Cut Grass

  18. 25:45 RX
    QOD: couldn’t decide between the beach or sunscreen but if I’m at the beach I have the sunscreen too. So the answer is beach.

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