Tuesday 05.26.20


Tempo Deadlifts
Build to a Moderate Triple
5 Seconds Up, 5 Seconds Down, 3 Seconds Between Reps

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Deadlifts (225/155)
1 Minute AbMat Sit-ups
1 Minute Calorie Bike
1 Minute Rest

Post total reps completed to comments.

Question of the Day:
What was the best part of your Memorial Day 2020?

CV Bulletin:
Thank you so much for your attendance in Murph yesterday! Photos will be making their way to the blog very soon. As classes return back to normal, please continue reserving and signing into class. Thanks again, team!

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  1. 273
    QOD: MURPH!!!

  2. Tempo Deadlifts: 150#
    KIDZ BOP: 56-56-57-58-60 = 287 (155#)
    QoD: Start of Heat 1 on Murph. So much energy. But I had a burger with pulled pork on it and an IPA for dinner and that’s definitely a close second.

  3. Tempo at 135#
    Kidz Bop: 281 (115#)
    QOD: Taking Rylan to his first dirt track race!

  4. KIDZ BOP: 53, 54, 53, 55, 56 = 271 (85#)

    QoD: Hiking at Falls Creek Falls but sad I missed the Murph!

  5. Kids Bop : 60, 62, 61, 59, 56 = 298 (45#)

    QoD: Swimming underneath a waterfall!

  6. Tempo:125#
    KidZBop: 274 reps (105#) 62,58,53,51,50
    QoD: one of the first Memorial days I spent some time in reflection of what the day means, what it cost and that was mostly due to the Murph!

  7. 125lb triple
    248 total reps
    wod mods : 135lb deadlifts , all sit-ups & bike
    qod : being able to do murph

  8. 125 Triple (cleaned my clock)
    301 85#


  9. Tempo 3: 225#
    Kidzbop: 185# 322 reps
    QoD: Getting to run that first mile of MURPH with the flag. To be honest, it was a bit emotional!!!

  10. Tempo: 85lb (Didn’t push it today)
    Kidz Bop: 249
    QOD: The second mile of Murph with my teammates- laughing and talking about how far we’ve come as the sun was rising and we crossed over the bridge.

  11. Tempo triple: only worked up to 125#
    WOD: 258 reps, RX

    QOD: Completing my first Murph ever and getting to spend the rest of the weekend at the lake

  12. Had to get this one in at home.
    Kidz Bop: 50-53-57-59-64= 273 total. 225#

    QoD: Murph. It gave me a better perspective of fitness and how it’s a privilege just to be able to work out.

  13. Wanted to come in today and do this but decided to play golf and walk 18. If you have never walked 18 carrying a bag you know why I didn’t add working out in today haha.

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