Tuesday 05.05.20


Pump ‘N Dump
12 Wall Balls (20/14)
12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Rest 3:00

12 Weighted Sit-ups (20/14)
12 Kettlebell Snatches (53/35)

Post rounds completed on both workouts to comments.

Question of the Day:
If you were an action figure, what would be the one accessory that comes inside your packaging?

CV Bulletin:

A question often asked when pursuing a life of health & fitness is “How much water should I be drinking?”

Read Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports, by Dr. Timothy Noakes.

From the publisher:

“Drink as much as you can, even before you feel thirsty.” That’s been the mantra to athletes and coaches for the past three decades, and bottled water and sports drinks have flourished into billion-dollar industries in the same short time. The problem is that an overhydrated athlete is at a performance disadvantage and at risk of exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) — a potentially fatal condition.

Dr. Tim Noakes takes you inside the science of athlete hydration for a fascinating look at the human body’s need for water and how it uses the liquids it ingests. He also chronicles the shaky research that reported findings contrary to results in nearly all of Noakes’ extensive and since-confirmed studies.

In Waterlogged, Noakes sets the record straight, exposing the myths surrounding dehydration and presenting up-to-date hydration guidelines for endurance sport and prolonged training activities. Enough with oversold sports drinks and obsessing over water consumption before, during, and after every workout, he says. Time for the facts — and the prevention of any more needless fatalities.

For further reading, consider:

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  1. 7+3 pink kb
    7+3 gray kb
    10# wb
    QOD: camera 📸

  2. Great shot! 9 +3; 6 + 9 both rounds 25#
    QOD: fly rod

  3. Pump ‘N Dump: 8 Rounds & 6 Rounds + 12 Reps (14# wb/35# kb)
    QoD: White stopwatch

  4. 7+7

    Oh let’s see… probably a coffee cup.

  5. 8 rounds & 7 rounds + 6 reps
    pink kb & 8# wb
    QoD: If I’m an action figure, it probably means I’m a bad a$$, so I’d probably come with some cool swiss army like weapon that throws fire and blows stuff up. Although looking at the answers above, I may have misinterpreted this question.

  6. 6 +1
    5 +16
    14# wb, 26# kb
    QOD: parchment, quill and ink

  7. 5 rds & 7 rds + 4 reps
    5#db, 8#wb thrusters
    QoD: a baking set

    1. We are going to get you a shirt that says Lipstick & Lunges… or something like that!

  8. We are going to get you a shirt that says Lipstick & Lunges… or something like that! 🙂

  9. 7 rounds on sit-ups/snatches & 6+5 on wallballs/swings. All RX except 26# snatches.
    QOD: Either a tent or a kayak

  10. 6+3 8 lb wall ball, 15# dumbell snatch
    5+12 8lb wall ball, 26# KB
    QOD- a cell phone 😂

  11. 6+12 (38#) (10#)
    6+9 (25#) (10#)
    QOD – A Jeep

  12. Mentally not there today, don’t know if it’s bc I’m tired, taught 2 classes before, or just making excuses to let a workout own me..


    I think I’d like Thor’s hammer, could be useful! 🙃

  13. 7+20 14# wb, 18# kb
    6 even 10#wb 18#kb
    A bike!

  14. 8 + 11 14#WB, 35# KB
    7+9 14#WB, 35# KB

    QoD: Sunglasses, Flip-flops, Cooler…..

  15. Rx-7 rounds/5 and 12

  16. 7+3 & 6+4
    10lb wallball (all unbroken) 18lb kettlebell
    question of the day answer is a poptart

  17. 20lb wb
    35lb kB
    QoD: Basketball 🏀

  18. 7 rds + 4 sit up/snatches (ouch)
    7rds + 16 wall ball/swings
    10#wb and 26#kb
    QoD: stethoscope

  19. 6+5 (wall ball/swings)
    6+6 (sit ups/snatches)


  20. 9+3/6+0 Rx

    QOD- piece of pizza.


    1. Su/snatch 7 plus 12
      Wb/swing 8 plus 9
      CHALK OR THOR HIMSELF 😉 Was too excited for QoD

  22. 35lb, 20#ball, 7+12/ 6
    time machine

  23. 53lbs kb and 20lbs wall ball


    I let Rylan pic my action figure part and he said a super cape!

  24. 18# KB and 8#WB
    5+14 (Dave that was my mistake when I told you, I finished the sit up and got 2 snatched.)

    WOD- suitcase 🧳 , headphones and sunglasses. We are traveling baby!!! Wahoooo (currently only traveling in my dreams but still)

  25. 7+10
    Love the new wall ball set up! It’s harder, but in the best way! It upped my game today!

    How about a planner with accessories. 🤣

  26. 24# KB 8# WB
    9 + 0
    7 + 4
    QOD: can Carter count as an accessory??

  27. Loved this WOD!
    8 & 13 reps; 7 & 21 reps – 8lb wb, pink kb

  28. 6 1/2 each workout. 35lb kettlebell 14lb wallball.

  29. 7 + 3 & 6 + 18


    QoD: dr.pepper & my white boots (if you know, you know) lol

  30. 5 rounds WB and swings
    8 rounds sit ups and snatches.
    Rx all but snatches. 35lb. Because I can’t figure out how to keep the KB from slamming my wrist at the top. Finally got it figured out with the 35.

    QOD: chicken wing.

    1. Trying to guess if you’re a ranch or bleu cheese kinda guy.

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