Thursday 08.20.20

Melanie and Lori

Parental Advisory
Teams of 3
For Time:
50/35 Calorie Bike
75 Strict Press (75/55)
75 Strict Pull-ups
50/35 Calorie Bike
50 Strict Press (75/55)
50 Strict Pull-ups
50/35 Calorie Bike
25 Strict Press (75/55)
25/Strict Pull-ups
50/35 Calorie Bike

Post teammates and time to comments.

Question of the Day
You’ve won a lifetime supply of your last online purchase! What is it?

CV Bulletin
Today is Bring a Friend Thursday!
You have friends and they need fitness.
All 8 Classes are FREE to friends & family.

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  1. 19:50 w/ Trey & Tyler, 50 cal, 55# bar (had to switch to push press), one red band strict pull-ups
    QoD: Gym shorts so yah!!! On that note, Trey said he is taking me shopping for “work” clothes not workout clothes since that’s all I’ve bought in 2020!

  2. 22:00 w/Travis and our friend Allen. Props to Allen for showing up for this work out on bring a friend free day at 5:30am! 50 cal bike, 40#, (blue)banded p/up. Tried to keep it all strict and stop when my form wanted to get sloppy.

  3. 23:21 with Kale and Spencer 2 red bands for pull-ups

  4. 22:10 with Logan
    40 cal row (so killer), 1st round blue band pull-ups, switched to ring rows for 2nd and 3rd. 55# press

  5. Had to do a two an team, RX, 23:15.

    QOD a book

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