Thursday 06.18.20


Teams of 2
For Time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches (50/35)
100/70 Calorie Row
100 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)

Post partner and time to comments.

Question of the Day
What was the most recent obstacle you turned into an opportunity?

CV Bulletin
**Save the Date**
June 28 – Bike with Mike
July 1 – CV Kids Room Re-Opening

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  1. 16:26 with Christin (ring rows/30# db)

    1. Brittney “Engine Builder” Stacy. Canteloupe and Pull-ups are getting you SUPER FIT

  2. 16:42 partnered with the really cute tall guy! 😍😊 Rx

    QOD: I would definitely say working at the marketplace during the shut down!! I LOVE my job now!!

    1. you and Frits were teammates?
      haha You and Kale SMASHED that rower, Sarah. Welcome home!

  3. 16:26 with my girl Brittney!
    Ring rows, 30lb db

    QOD: When the schools were shut down it was heartbreaking for me as a teacher. I used that obstacle to build even closer relationships with my students. It all definitely gave me a better appreciation for my job!

    1. What an awesome perspective, Christin. Those students are lucky to have you & Britt!

  4. 18:36 with THE Hobie Dowell!
    QoD: The most recent obstacle into opportunity has been plumbing issues with our new home. Drainage problems are of course not awesome but it’s given Deena and I the amazing opportunity to get closer with Mike & Ben and we LOVE that. Those are my boys! 👊

  5. 19:10 partner with my girl, Glo and stand out Colton
    20#db and green band p/u

  6. WOD partnered with April and Colton and holy cow in my eyes we did soooo good! The best team mates ever!! 19:08 20# and green band..

    QOD- at work we landed huge deal and took in 160 full trucks of IT items and as a team we worked 14 hour days for 2 months in the middle of everyone losing their jobs due to COVID we were able to give jobs to 70 people and I took to opportunity to grow and learn a new trade at my work. I have started connecting with people differently. We are still in the middle of the project but we have lowered our hours so I’m only working 9 hours a day but it’s going great and I’m happy to work for a company that truly cares for others. I must say in the middle of it I cried a couple of days because it was hard but I pulled my boots up and changed my thoughts and I was grateful I had a job in these crazy times.

    1. Wow, Gloria! That was such a cool read on a great perspective. Thanks for sharing and thanks for showing up big for April & Colton!

  7. 15:47 with Brooke!

  8. 18:04 with my man Sherwood. 40#
    QoD: Haven’t been able to physically be in church for months now. No one likes it but from day one we implemented our Facebook live services that allowed me to share the good news of Jesus with several folks that do not normally attend. What the devil meant for evil, God meant it for good!!!

    And love my box.
    Hardest for me lately is to step back, with injuries, swallow my pride and listen to my coaches. Thankful for that and all my family at the gym.

  10. 16:36 or 18:36 or maybe some other minute:36 🤷🏼‍♀️with the always showing up and pushing himself, Tyler. He did fantastic this morning!
    Green band and 15# DB

  11. Thanks Leslie! You smoked those pull ups! I don’t remember the time either.

    40# DB
    Green/Purple band and then ring rows after 50

  12. 16:22 with Lucas the “Manimal” Arnold carrying me on the PU’s!

    QOD: I make no secret how much I love our box. My life view is a little different just because I’ve lived a little longer. I had a mini stroke in January. I had a full stroke back a little over 15 years ago almost two years after they had to rebuild my leg. I was in an external fixator for 9 months, couldn’t drive or bend it if, and between the pain pills, the stress, and the weight gain I had a stroke. Thankfully Nicki got me to the doctors fast and other than I have little sensation in my left hand and I garble some words I got lucky. Since then I’ve had 3 mini strokes, all after stressful times with no rest.

    The doctors took me off CrossFit for a couple of weeks and then Corvid hit. I used that time to back off, fix some bad habits, and embrace Coach Clay’s methodology. The obstacle, forced rest and time away from the gym, became an opportunity to step back and improve my technique and flexibility to get better. I am humble to have the opportunity to stay a member, hungry to improve my technique and get my endurance back, and happy that I am still get to workout with my friends and have fun every day, sometimes with my biological daughter and volleyball daughters, all of whom I love!

    You guys make life fun!

  13. My time was 14:57 and my thing that I’ve tried new is I tried my moms homemade quesadillas

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