Thursday 06.11.20


Russian Dolls
Teams of 2
50 Toes to Bar
75 Russian Kettlebell Swings
100′ Kettlebell Walking Lunge

Kettlebell: 70/53

Post partner and rounds completed to comments.

Question of the Day
You must live in one European country for a full year. Which one would you choose and why?

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  1. QOD. Ireland, because I was born there! When I go back, it feels like home!

  2. I said Switzerland this morning but the real answer is Croatia, mountains, beaches, lakes, and most everyone speaks English!

    3+84 with David

  3. 4+18 with Tyler.

  4. Trey- 3+58 Rx

  5. 3+12 with my girl Lisa
    QOD: Italy – just always wanted to go there

  6. With Nikki – 3 + 87

    QOD – Belgium (beer, waffles, medieval architecture, close to Paris and Amsterdam, tons of WWI history)

    1. Russian Dolls: 3+68
      Holly was my partner
      Toes to pole
      Kettlebell swings 🙌🏼
      QoD: Italy!! Give me all the carbs!!!

  7. 3+53 with Christin
    Probably Italy so I could eat allll the food. 🍕🍝🍷

  8. 4+31 with Tim and Kale.
    Most definitely Switzerland in the alps.

  9. Russian Dolls: 4+7 team w/ Keaton and Tessa. 25lb KB
    QOD: A Disney Cruise ship docked anywhere in Europe.

  10. Two lunges short of 4 rounds with Aimee, T2B, 35#kb
    QoD: I did live in Germany for 18 mos but not sure I would go back. I will go with Italy. After all, my maiden name is Mozingo!

  11. April Freeman and I killed this workout!!! Yahoooooo 😂😂😂 3+200 again! Math got us. We needed up doing 85 KB swings instead of 75 haha!
    35# KB knee raises(our hands are hurting)

    I’ve never been over to Europe so I don’t know! But I would love to go anywhere over there!

  12. 👆what Glo said, (3+200) great work out and energy today!
    QoD: although I do love some Italian food, I would love to see Greece, pics are amazing!

  13. WOD: 2+33 53# partner with my honey
    QOD: Italy- the scenery and the PASTA

    1. And the wine.70lb! Whew!

  14. WOD: 3 + 20 with my girl Camryn – 35# KB. Felt like we worked super well together today and fed off each other’s energy. A super fun workout.

    QoD: I think I would want to go back and spend a year in Germany. I studied abroad there and loveeeeddd it and would love to become completely fluent in German since that’s the foreign language I studied in college!

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