Thursday 05.21.20


For Time:
150′ Walking Lunge
150′ Bear Crawl
15 Dumbbell Push Jerks (50s/35s)
100′ Walking Lunge
100′ Bear Crawl
10 Dumbbell Push Jerks (50s/35s)
50′ Walking Lunge
50′ Bear Crawl
5 Dumbbell Push Jerks (50s/35s)

Post time to comments.

Question of the Day:
Would you rather only be able to use a fork or a spoon for the rest of your life? And no, a “spork” is not an answer.

CV Bulletin:
Murph sign-ups end tomorrow, Friday May 22nd. Get signed up at the check-in table!

This Saturday’s schedule:

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  1. 7:05 (25s)
    WOD: A fork 🍴

    1. Those 800g won’t stab themselves, Brittney!

  2. 8:11 (35s; 100, 50, 25)

    Spoon; if I can’t eat with a spoon, then I can use my hands

    Note on today’s workout: The warm-up scared me, and I ended up modding the workout down. I could’ve done it. Once that adrenaline and endorphins get pumping, I can do almost anything. Anyway, one day at a time, and the workout was still killer. Feeling good today! Thanks, Dave and Mindy and my boy Tyrone Mayes, for all the understanding and encouragement this morning! T killed it!

    1. Awesome logic. Awesome grit not to bail post-warmup. You’re the man, Kevin!

  3. Yellowstone: 8:44 (35s)
    QoD: I could adapt to either. The fork would make chili during football season very challenging so for that very reason, we’re taking a spoon. Like, the huge ones you used in high school for cereal.

  4. 8:46 20#
    QoD: I would have to say a spoon. I love soup and can’t imagine eating soup with a fork. The juice is the best part. Spoon it is!!!

    1. Thank you Clay for pushing me!

      1. Thanks for working out beside me, Steph! Always a blast with you in the 7:30am!

  5. 8:25
    30lb DB’s

    I guess I’ll choose a spoon for the sole purpose of soups! I can use my fingers for everything else!

    1. Moving those big DBs around like it’s your j-o-b, Christin! One workout away from beach season!

  6. 8:48
    QOD: spoon

  7. Rx- 5:11
    QoD: Spoon

  8. 6:21, 20#dbs
    QoD: fork

  9. 7:09 Rx with a vest.
    QOD: 100000000% a spoon bc it can also be used as a shovel! Duh!! 🙃

  10. 5:48 Rx

  11. 8:37 15# DB
    QOD definitely fork. Can’t stand to use a spoon lol if it’s soup I’ll just drink it 😂

  12. 8:05.

    Fork for sure. I like to stab my meat. 😆

  13. 6:02 50lbs dumbbells

    I’m a fork kind of guy for everything.

  14. 5:17
    wod mods : all lunges , all bear crawl , 25lb dumbbell push jerks like a boss
    qod : spoon

  15. 9:00ish.
    Hand release pushups instead of DB jerks.
    QoD: man, hard question. I’m gonna say fork. If I have soup, I can drink it.

  16. 10 lb dumbbells RX reps time was 7:08

    QOD: I would like a spoon! I can’t eat ice cream with a fork lol

  17. 5:19
    40lb db
    QoD: fork

  18. 6:15 35lb

    Qod: spoon

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