Thursday 05.14.20


Team Tosh Sprints

Teams of 2,
3 Rounds:
Run 200 Meters
Run 400 Meters
Run 600 Meters

Post partner and time to comments.

Question of the Day:
What was your first CrossFit workout?

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  1. 34:34 – Partner was Coach Mindy who was fabulous during this workout and kept me motivated to not quit!

  2. 38:40. Partnered with my Ma.
    My first crossfit workout was Josie last Monday.

    1. To have a Hero WOD be #1 … that is SO hardcore!

  3. Team Tosh Sprints: 28:17 with Daniel

    Run 200m
    Ring Rows
    Hand Release Push-ups
    Squat Jumps
    Run 200m

    Humbled. Nearly vomited. Hooked for life.

    1. I totally vomited. Bleh

  4. 38:40. partnered with Megyn
    I don’t remember what the exact workout was. However, I do remember it was the Wednesday after Labor Day last year. I was so nervous I didn’t sleep the night before. We had to do the 400m lap as a warmup, and I remember walking up the hill b/c I was so out of breath and wanted to keep walking to my car! 9 months later I’m still coming back. 🙂

    1. I just searched the archives, Melanie!

      On the 5:00 x 5 Rounds:
      400 Meter Run
      12/9 Calorie Row
      15 Toes to Bar

      What a cardio experience!

  5. 5:30am was Guns (boys) and Roses (girls)
    Roses: Me and Mollie, but I don’t know our time.
    Emesis x1

    QOD: Handstand Push Ups. I laughed and laughed at T for even suggesting I could ever even get close to anything…even a wall walk. But really what was much much harder was walking in the door.

    1. Stud!

  6. My first workout was Day 1 when CVCF opened. I was the only purpose in the box. Coach Dave had me do 10 push ups, hang on the bar for 10 seconds, and I rowed 500 meters. He then told me to take a day off!

  7. Partnered with Alex and Tyler
    27:16 (200m, 300m, 400m)

    My first workout was…sometime in January…and it was hard! I almost remembered something else, but, no, it’s gone.

  8. Partnered with Kevin and Tyler for 27:16 wit 200/300/400 distances. Have no idea what first workout was, just remember being bombed afterward. Was the Mondat exactly two weeks before Covid shutdown.

  9. 28:35 with Trey.
    QoD: I honestly don’t remember what our first work out was. I just know we were hooked after one class. Coming up on our 1 year anniversary.

  10. 34:13 with powerhouse Misty on the bike.
    QOD: I think Melanie and I started around the same time and I also couldn’t do the 400mm loop at all. I remember Michael Foster yelling at me to come in the back door when I went in the front door after walking. So much stronger now 💪🏻

    1. Awesome job on pulling the foot under the hips today, Katherine!
      P.S.: Lucas IS Matt Damon

  11. 38:15 partner with tyler!
    QoD: back squat (on the 2:00 x 5 sets)
    set 1: 6 reps @ 75%
    set 2: 4 reps @ 80%
    set 3: 2 reps @ 85%
    set 4: 4 reps @ 80%
    set 5: 6 reps @ 75%
    2k row for time

  12. 32:58 daddy daughter style with Leah.
    QoD Market square workout. Wall balls, kB swings, and 800m run. Two rounds. Partner workout with John

  13. 29:05 partner with Tyson

    First workout was a year ago. I remember it was with the bars. Hardest part was walking through the front door for the first time.

  14. 32.13 with Erin as a partner! Needless to say having a stud partner who carried our father daughter team helped!

  15. 30:55 partner with Whitney.
    QOD: 15 min amrap
    6 pull ups 5 burpees 4 hang power cleans 3 thrusters

  16. 37:57 with Christin. My first CrossFit WOD was at a gym
    in Charleston while Rob and I were on vacation in 2012 or 2013. I don’t remember the scheme but it was a combo of running, thrusters, and toes to bar. It. Was. Brutal.

  17. 30:11
    QoD: 15 cal row and 10m shuttle run

  18. 35:?? 200/400/600
    W: Bethany and Shea
    QoD: first CrossFit class was a market square night, free class w/Trav. I hated it, thought Whitney was crazy. No way “I will be drinking the kool aid” almost 1 year later…love the people, the gym, and the changes I have made since starting CVCF!

    1. Yessss. You still think I’m crazy. And it’s ok.

  19. 30:11
    partners with ethan
    qod : can’t remember my first workout but my first logged workout was 4 rounds for time of 400m run , 7 hang snatches , & 3 ring muscle ups

  20. 31:20ish? I think. I was so so so not listening lol.
    I just thought this is painful 😍😂
    My first workout was 4 years ago. I went day one. And said never again… three months later. I went for another try. And I’m hooked.

  21. Justin Sharp partner with Stacey Sharp
    33:03 as written
    Mini Murph

  22. With Jackie Champion 33:15 he honestly had it worse with the assault bike! 🙃

    QOD: Barbra

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