Sunday 03.14.21


“Prison Break”
For Time:
Run 400 Meters
Rest 1 Minute
Run 800 Meters
Rest 2 Minutes
Run 1200 Meters
Rest 3 Minutes
Run 1600 Meters

CV Bulletin
Calling all Wall Walkers! Many of us are feeling the excitement and passion that comes with the CrossFit Open. Many of us are also thinking “Man, I could have done 5-10 reps better!” or “I could probably try RX.” You’re right – you could and you’re allowed to try again and again! Scores must be submitted to by 8pm on Monday. Therefore, it’s STILL not too late to register and join the fun this weekend and more over the next three weeks.
Register HERE and don’t miss out on next week’s Friday Night Lights!
There are two different times in which you could attempt a “Retest” or go for the first time:

1. Sunday Open Gym (8-11am)
2. Monday Class

During The Open, Monday’s class will have an option inside it. Either you choose to retest that week’s Open workout, giving you one last crack at bettering your score before submissions are due for the worldwide leaderboard, or you perform the prescribed Monday workout. The prescribed workout for class will always contain similar movements, time domains, muscle groups, etc. to The Open workout. This way, it is truly your choice to give it one last shot in hopes of climbing the leaderboard and bettering your performance or you choose to be “one and done” and begin to mentally prepare for the next week.

For example, Monday’s class workout will be a 15 minute AMRAP of dumbbell burpees, dumbbell snatches, and sit-ups. This workout will be just as long as 21.1 and will utilize the same muscle groups (shoulders, upper back, and core).

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