Saturday 09.26.20

Teams of 2
9 Rounds:
24 Push-ups
8 Partner Deadlifts (315/225)

Partners alternate full rounds on the push-ups

CV Bulletin
Fitness bringing people together! Clinch Valley has an amazing friend from Massachusetts named Morgan. He is a phenomenal coach and an even better human being. His father, Jim, passed away 12 years ago this week. For Saturday’s class, we’ll honor Jim through a workout Morgan has done on every anniversary since then.

9 Rounds = The Month
24 Pushups = The Day
8 Deadlifts = The Year (2008)

A Note from Morgan…
Jim Bungerz passed away 10 years ago after a six-month fight with ALS. More commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that robs its victims of any use of their muscles-leaving them unable to walk, talk, or even breathe. Despite a fatal diagnosis, my dad never gave up or complained. Over his six-month battle with ALS, he remained a strong father and husband, even as he became confined to a wheelchair. Unlike most Hero WODs, this is not dedicated to a fallen soldier or service member, but like all Hero WODs, this is to salute an individual who gave everything for the ones they love. Not only does this workout look to honor Jim’s courage but it also serves as a celebration of the abilities we have. Too often our capabilities to move are taken for granted and by doing this workout we are reminded that we are lucky to do it when other’s are not so fortunate. The message behind this workout is Get Up For Those Who Can’t!


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