Saturday 07.18.20


Boot Straps
Teams of 2
10 Rounds: (5 Rounds Each)
Run 400 Meters
12 Toes to Bar

Partners Complete Full Rounds Before Switching.

Post teammate and time to comments.

Question of the Day
What is your hidden talent?

CV Bulletin
We’re in the thick of summer. We’re drenched in sweat after every workout … or warm-up. How important is hydration? What is adequate hydration? Should we supplement potassium and sodium? Check out an amazing 6 minute clip from our friend, E.C. Synkowski, biochemical engineer and CrossFit L-4 coach.

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  1. Boot Straps: Time capped at 25:00 but loved working out with Zach and Colton. You guys are absolute beasts!

  2. 24:27
    partners with nikki & amy
    qod : can sing a little bit not sure if that counts

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