Saturday 05.09.20


Murder Hornet
Teams of 2,
Hand Release Push-ups
AbMat Sit-ups
Hang Power Cleans (95/65)

Partners Use Separate Barbells and Switch After Full Rounds.

Post Partner & Rounds Completed to Comments.

Question of the Day:
If animals could talk, which would be the nicest and which would be the rudest?

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  1. 24 and some change partner with Danielle.

    QoD – Nicest = Turtle, Rudest = Camel

    1. I didn’t think of a turtle — arguable the king of benevolence! Awesome answer, Tyson!

  2. Round 21 + 85 reps. Partner with Meg & Steph.
    QoD: nicest – dog; rudest – squirrel. I do not like squirrels.

    1. They were cute & fluffy until 2012 when I was bit by one. We have since gone our separate ways!

      1. The squirrel, I mean. Dogs and I still have a good relationship.

      2. I believe it! I swear the squirrels chase me!

  3. Round 21 + 85 reps. Partner with Meg & Melanie
    Nicest would be a dog, rudest would be raccoon

    1. Way to work on squeezing your legs to open the hips this morning, Stephanie!

      1. Thanks Clay!

  4. Rd of 24 with Daniel and Deena. We tried keeping up with her. She went full beast mode.
    QoD sloth and cat

    1. Deena said the same about a sloth!

  5. Deena actually got into cleans on Rd of 27

  6. 21 rd and 36 reps
    55#, push ups
    Love partner with my kids, Hannah today!
    QoD: nicest: dogs of course, rudest: geese

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