Monday 08.03.20


2K Row
For Time:
Row 2,000 Meters

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Compare Scores to Wednesday 03.18.20
to see a pacing chart.

Question of the Day
What would your Netflix special be called?

CV Bulletin
Congratulations to everyone who made the July Committed Club! Below is the list of the club and the number of classes attended. The winner of the Raffle for a $50 Gift Card to Rogue Fitness is Gavin Bolinger. Congratulations Gavin and enjoy some new apparel, jump rope, or whatever you choose!

Committed Club
Amber Durfee 29
Colton Phillips 29
Michael McCoy 28
Ben Taylor 28
Shea Coker 28
April Freeman 27
Blythe Sanders 27
Brooke Housley 27
Tyler Mayes 27
Alex McGrew 26
Christina Leach 26
Missy Sanders 26
Mollie Farrar 26
Jason Lane 26
Aimee Bolinger 25
Justin Sharp 25
Zach Farrar 25
Bethany Runions 24
Daniel Runions 24
Katherine Birkbeck 24
Travis Freeman 24
Melanie Templin 24
Megyn Templin 24
Andrew Akens 24
Tyson White 24
Morgan Webster 23
Zach Stooksbury 23
Camryn Utley 23
Will Thompson 23
Christin Douglas 22
David Metchikoff 22
Ashley Horton 21
Gloria Camp 21
Lisa Smith 21
Noel Garcia 20
Keaton Hubbs 20
Tim Parrott 20
Hobie Dowell 20
Gavin Bolinger 20
Jackie Champion 20
Leslie Miller 20
Dail Cantrell 20
Brittney Stacy 20
Daniele Beeler 20
Ethan Charles 20
Amanda Godsey 20

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  1. 2k row: 8:37 (8 seconds faster than last time)

  2. Ok, we have had some really cool WOD names. Today Coach called the WOD 2K row? Where is “Tarantula” “Roll the Dice” etc. 2K Row, come on!

    I suggested “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream” the opening lyrics from Break my Stride, and my entire class looked like I was from the 60’s, which I am, but the song goes:

    Last night I had the strangest dream, I sailed away to China, on a little ROW BOAT to find you….

  3. WOD time 7:54, first time breaking 8. Tyson CRUSHED it today breaking 7!

    QOD: The American Badass

  4. 2K Row: 8:28

  5. 2k row 7:44

  6. 2k row – 8:34 ! In September did this at 9:24 and I wanted to beat my time by 1 minute!! I came so close!

    I loved our ab workout! We need to do this more!

    QOD- faking it, til she makes it.

    1. Beast mode!!!

  7. 2k Row: 10:03! My first 2k row!! 😁
    QOD: Letting go

    1. That is awesome! My first row was 10:19 so you killed it today!

  8. 2k row: 8:47 shaved off 45 seconds (9:32 in March, 10+ in Oct).
    Was Super nervous about this benchmark, great judge of gains and improvement. Was not feeling the best today, but kept telling myself, trust the process. If you put in the time and effort then the process will work! No secret formula, no magic 💊, just a proven process. Great coaching by Dave and Clay and nice push from the hubby!

  9. 8:09 2k. 19 seconds better than my last time!!!

  10. 8:41 for my first 2k row

    1. That is so freaking amazing! Going to miss your pretty face!

  11. 2k: 8:29

  12. 2K Row – 8:24 // Beat my previous time by a 1:06. Boom!

    Baby Face: A Netflix Original

  13. 8:11 (8:33 in March)

    1. **8:19 in March not 8:33

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