Monday 07.06.20

Jessica and Luke

Sports Club
6 Bar Muscle-ups
9 Push Press (135/95)
15 Deadlifts (135/95)
21 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans (20/14)

Post rounds completed to comments.

Question of the Day
What was your first ever club or team sport?

CV Bulletin
Check out the “CV Chill Zone”
Starting this week, we have a stretching cool down on the whiteboard nearest the restrooms. It’s 5-10 minutes of foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing, and static holds geared towards recovering from the day’s workout.

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  1. 4 rounds + 4 reps
    Box jump muscle ups, 75lb bar, 14lb wb

    QOD: First sport I played was basketball. It was a junior pro league. My team was called Jazz. We won the championship that year!

  2. 4 rds + 26
    Box+plate muscle ups, 65#, 10#wb
    QoD: basketball
    Thanks Coach Clay for the push and confidence, today was fun, 2 new skills!

  3. 5 rounds even, 2 bar muscle ups with blue band, #65, 14#wb, alternated wall ball pushups for the push presses (shoulder pain)
    QoD: T-ball

  4. 5 rounds + 11 reps
    4 pull-ups, 65#, 14#
    I started cheer and gymnastics when I was 6, but basketball was my first “team” sport in 7th grade.

  5. 4 rounds + 38
    Pull-ups with green band, 35#
    QOD: dance

  6. 6 rounds +16 reps. Did upright rows in place of pull ups.

    QOD – AAU basketball – East TN Wolverines

  7. 4 rounds + 39 reps

    QoD: Basketball was my first team sport!!!

  8. 6.5 rounds sub medicine ball with kettle bell goblet squat with a press and sub muscle ups with pull ups

  9. 4 + 12 : 95#, Modified MUs: 12 x ring row & dips
    Qod: soccer or tee ball, it’s been a minute

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