Monday 06.29.20

The most truthful sign on Market Street

25 Double Unders
10 Front Squats (135/95)
25 Double Unders
5 Bar Muscle-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

Question of the Day
Which coffee is the best coffee?

CV Bulletin
Parents, thank you for your adaptability during these unprecedented times. We are truly grateful that you continued making schedule changes, swapping classes with your partner, etc. to maintain your health and fitness.

Our CV Kids room will be reopening on Wednesday, July 1st. We will be offering child watch for our evening schedule of 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm. Thank you for being patient with us and we look forward to having our children in a safe space upstairs.

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  1. 7 rounds + 60
    50 single unders, green band, 35#
    QOD: Clinch River Tattoo and Coffee 🙌

  2. 5 rounds + 13, 75#, 15 mixed dubs, 2×4 row at home
    qod: Katherine is correct!

  3. 4 rds + 64. (55# and 5 pull-ups)
    QOD: Blue Mountain coffee we had in Jamaica is my all time favorite. ☕️

  4. Starbucks: 5 Rds + 25 DU (95#)
    QoD: Caveman Coffee!

  5. 3 rds + 34 : 25 dubs, 65# and 2 bar muscle ups with blue band (pretty excited about those muscle ups and it wasn’t as scary as I thought being that high above the bar LOL)
    QoD: I don’t get coffee out much so it’s Dunkin at home for me.

  6. 5 rounds+10
    Singles, 85lb front squat, box jump muscle ups

    Ran 400m with my girls Morgan and Lisa after!

    QOD: any flavor iced ☕

  7. 4+60RX I think 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m so bad at CrossFit counting!
    QOD: alllll the iced coffee

  8. 7 rounds single unders!

    QOD: This is the second coffee question in a week or so. I have NEVER tasted coffee! So I’m going to pick one at random…Sanka or Maxwell House!

  9. Feels great to be back. Unfortunately it will be short stay for next 3 weeks baseball in Nashville, FL, ATL.

    WOD: RX 4 rounds + 27
    QOD: I would have to say tie between Blue Mountain and Black Rifle coffee. I would like to try Fronings coffee and see how it is. I’ll take it black with heavy creamer and Luke warm.

  10. 5 rounds + 47
    50 singles; 65#; J-jook banded pull up

    QOD: Best coffee? The kind I make myself at home, usually Gevalia Expresso Blend, black. If I go to a coffee place, I always get an Americano either black or with light cream.

  11. Ok, I am stunned that there are this many types of coffee? I was trying to think and other than Sanka, Folgers, Maxwell House I couldn’t even name other coffees. Is coffee really that popular and that different? If so, why hasn’t CrossFit come out with its own brand. You could call it “Jacked” or something cool.

  12. 5 +30 40 su, 75# bar, box muscle ups.
    QOD: not a big coffee drinker but sugar and cream help.

  13. Wod: 4+35 (Rx except 80# fs)
    QoD: I really don’t ever get coffee out bc it’s so much better at home but I actually love Weigels coffee!

  14. 6 rounds @ 95lbs on Front squat ( nursing shoulder injury) and did barbell hop overs reps of 25

  15. 7 Rounds + 47
    40 single unders/55#/30inch box

    QoD: Spark is my coffee

  16. 5 rounds + 25
    95# front squat & jumping bar muscle ups
    QoD: If we’re talking brand, Mahalo’s in North Knox. If we’re talking type, Americano all the way.

  17. 5rds +25
    QoD: I like all coffee, as long as it’s black. But, if you’ve never tried a cup of coffee with a half scoop of chocolate protein powder, you’re missing out.

    1. Daniel Runions, sold! I’m going to try it today!

  18. 6 rds-40 singles, 95#, 3 BMU per rd
    QoD: don’t have a favorite. Love the smell, the taste is ok. Have to have cream and equal

  19. 6 Rounds +3
    40 singles
    55# goblet squat x10
    One arm ring rows w/red bands
    Mods due to 15 stitches in finger

    QOD – I’m with Dail. I’m stunned with the variety of coffee options. I thought coffee was drunk black and with a little water to cool it down.

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