Monday 05.18.20


Weightlifting Complex
Build to a Heavy Complex:
1 High Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Push Jerk

Roddy Piper
For Time: 
Row 1,000 Meters

Directly into…

3 Rounds:
12 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Push Jerks (135/95)

Post heaviest complex load and time to comments.

Question of the Day:
You’re a superhero and can talk to animals but it’s only one species. Which one would you choose?

CV Bulletin:
Memorial Day Murph is one week from today! Sign-up for a heat at the check-in table and a coach will post your name and the class you choose on the whiteboard by the entrance.

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  1. Complex: 125# 🎉
    Roddy Piper: 12:00 (85# as written)
    QOD: River otters because they seem like they’re always living their best life and I bet they have some great words of wisdom. 🦦

  2. Complex: 165#
    Roddy Piper: 11:45 (115#)
    QoD: An owl. Conversations would be few & far between but they would always be insightful

  3. Complex: 105#
    Roddy Piper: 11:16 (65#)
    QoD: I need to talk to dogs, specifically my dogs, even more than I already do. I need to know what they do while I’m gone, what they really think of the neighbors, and most importantly I need to discuss with them why chasing skunks is not in their best interest.

  4. Complex 60#
    11:49 – 35#
    QOD: dolphins – they seem like they’d have happy things to say

  5. Complex: 115
    WOD: 10:04 (75#)
    QOD: women 😉

  6. Complex: 185# workout 10:14 at 115#
    QoD: Cats

  7. Complex: 225lbs
    Roddy Piper: 10:03 at 135lbs
    QOD: Brittney took my favorite animal 🦦 so I’ll have to go with a Dolphin. I would want to know what is in the deep see and about how old our world is.

  8. Complex 125#

    11.53 as written

  9. 9:57
    wod mods : 750m row , all burpees , 65lbs
    qod : koalas 🐨

  10. Complex 95#
    11:31 65#
    QoD: without a doubt DOGS!

  11. 145# complex. Missed 155# on the push jerk and hit myself in the head 😂🤭
    10:30 rx row/ step back burpees (heel spur) 85#
    I would talk to dogs. Because I already talk to mine and they don’t talk back 🙃😝 or maybe I wouldn’t want to hear what they had to say 🧐

  12. Complex: 85#
    10:52 900m row, 55#
    QoD: cat, specifically my cat..figure out how he is escaping and why he dislikes us!

  13. 11:21
    850m row w/ 55lbs
    qod: wasp, I wanna know if they hate me as much as much as I hate them.

  14. Complex: 155# #brokenback
    10:42 95#
    QoD: Dog I think (My dog is currently howling at me…)

  15. 65# heavy weight

  16. 105lb complex
    1000 meter row
    All reps, 55lb


  17. complex: 70#
    WOD: 9:52
    mod: 800m , 55#

  18. Complex 135# 💪🏼😁
    1000m row • 75# bar • all burpees
    🤷🏼‍♀️ My time

    QoD: if you knew me you would expect me to say cats but honestly I would love to be able to talk with squirrels…they seem to have a lot going on.

  19. Complex: 95
    Rx reps 75lb bar 10:16

    Qod: dogs

  20. Complex:225
    Roddy piper: 9:35

    QoD: dog, for sure.

  21. Complex: 125
    13:30 workout 95lb
    QoD: killer hornets so I can find out why they had to come over here for.

  22. 90#
    For sure cats

  23. 105lb complex

  24. Triceps are hurt so my mods: 600m run 10 up downs 8 reverse lunges With 20# in each hand and 6 squat jumps for 3 rounds… for the complex are I did 10 reverse lunges with 20# in each hand as an EMOM —- wooohooo legs are feeling good… 124 weighted lunges!!!! Lord help me!

    QOD- dogs.

    1. Sorry!! Time was 9:21

  25. Complex 215lb. Got the high hang clean,choked on the hang clean with 225.
    Wild turkey of course!

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