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Bring A Friend Thursday

Grab a friend and let them try a class for FREE today. Each of our 8 classes are available for them to come try out! Send them to clinchvalleycrossfit.com to fill out our online waiver prior to arriving to save them time before their workout.


L For Love (Time)

6 Rounds: (Time Cap: 32 Minutes)

1,000 Meter Bike

30 Second L-Sit

16 Kettlebell Front Rack Reverse Lunges (53s/35s)

1 Minute Plank

CV Bulletin

CV Family! We’re going hiking again — save the date! Saturday, October 16th. There will be no class on this day so please come join us!

Happy Birthday, Melanie Templin!

Charlie’s Bunion in the Great Smoky Mountains

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