Friday 07.03.20

July 4th is tomorrow. Come celebrate our Independence with a Hero WOD

Down Under
5 Rounds:
1 Minute Toes to Bar
1 Minute Push Press (95/65)
1 Minute Calorie Bike
1 Minute Rest

Post total reps to comments.

Question of the Day
What are you doing for July 4?

CV Bulletin
For tomorrow’s July 4th workout, we will be doing the Hero WOD “Loredo.”

We are still open for a regular schedule on July 4!

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  1. 260
    QOD: I’ll be poolside with Michael Foster 🤪

    1. You’ll be asleep after a 24 hour Hamilton marathon!

  2. 304, toes to pole, 65#, cal row
    Qod: somewhere with beer and fire crackers

    1. Name a better duo. I’ll wait!

  3. Down Under: 15 reps per movement, each round.
    QoD: Red, White, and Blue tie-dye because America.

  4. 217 (55# and hanging toes to waist with a few toes to bar sprinkled throughout)

    Happy 4th, everyone! 🇺🇸🎉

  5. Down Under: I lost count of my reps after the third round. 55#, T2B, 200m run instead of bike. HUGE AMAZING CLASS AT 7:30!!
    QoD: Right here at home with my family! (missing my Jaybo in Texas. GO ARMY!)

  6. Cookout in Jeff County with my family and potentially the lake on Saturday.

  7. Lost count like Missy, around 220 maybe?
    55# t2waist, knees,

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