Friday 06.19.20

Coach Mindy

100 Double Unders
9 Bar Muscle-ups
15 Squat Cleans (135/95)
100 Double Unders
9 Bar Muscle-ups
12 Squat Cleans (135/95)
100 Double Unders
9 Bar Muscle-ups
9 Squat Cleans (135/95)

Post rounds and reps completed to comments.

Question of the Day
Coffee or Tea?

CV Bulletin
**Save the Date**
Sunday, June 28 – Bike with Mike
Wednesday, July 1 – CV Kids Return

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  1. 50 double-unders
    5 burpee pull-ups
    squat cleans as written (65#)
    1 round + 50 dubs + 4 burpee pull-ups

  2. 1 complete rd @ 95# and 150 singles BUT……I did get 6 BMU’s during the workout!!

  3. Travis you are killing the muscle up game!

  4. I didn’t finish my round!

    QOD: I have never had a sip of coffee so tea?

  5. 75DU/9burpeepu/75# bar – 271 Reps
    QoD: Coffee for sure and cold brew. Dail, that is incredible that you have never had coffee or tea.

  6. Tyson, I’ve had tea, but seriously I have never tasted coffee! Thanks for helping me get set up today too!

  7. I got three rounds and then 100 jump ropes then 9 of ring rows and burpees then I got two squat cleans away from finishing my third round into my round 4!😡😡. I would prefer coffee but I’m not picking between those two I like coffee more cause I get a French vanilla creamer that I add to it!!

  8. Made it through 67 of the last round of dubs
    Mods: 5 muscle ups, 85# cleans
    Super fun one today!

    QoD: I really can’t pick. I have to have my coffee every morning but I LOVE sweet tea. Not really hot tea though.

  9. I started my last set of singles so I did the 15 squat cleans and the 12 squat cleans and 130 into the 3rd set I did 65# I wanted to work my abs a little so I did 9 burpees and 20 sit ups per each set.

    QOD both! I’m a huge fan of all of it… I don’t like black tea much but I got me some yummy herbal tea!!! I have to have my coffee in the mornings or I may get fired from my job 😂

  10. 150 su, box muscle ups, 4 away from finishing last round. 75#bar

    Qod; T

  11. Modified WOD: Double Unders, box jumps, back squats (same rep scheme).

    QoD: Coffee all day, every day

    1. Forgot to post rounds completed… was too excited about coffee.
      1 round + 100 dubs & 5 box jumps

  12. Didn’t complete round 1. Ended on ring rows on last set
    200 su
    Burpees/ring rows
    QoD: coffee!!!!

  13. Completed 1 round + 30 singles
    Mods: 150 single unders, green band kipping pull ups, 65#
    QoD: neither, can’t stand either one and don’t drink carbonation so 💧for me

  14. Thought I had a chance to beat Dail today…. then he showed up. One day…. Less than a full round but felt good with 95#.

    Coffee all day erry day.

  15. 1 full round plus 10 singles
    150 singles, box muscle ups, 65lb squat cleans

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