Friday 06.12.20


Lightning McQueen
For Time:
1 Mile Assault Bike
30 Power Cleans (135/95)
1 Mile Run

Post time to comments.

Question of the Day
What is your dream vehicle?

CV Bulletin
**Save the Date**
Sunday, June 28 – Bike with Mike at 12pm
Join us for a mountain bike ride with our very own Michael Bowling at the Loyston Point Mountain Bike Trails. This is a beginner friendly, “No Drop Ride” which ensures the group stays together and enjoys the outdoors. There will be two options for the ride: A 5-Mile course (approximately 1.5 hours) with the opportunity to leave afterwards or continue on for an additional 7-Miler to complete the trail (12 miles in total)

The required equipment is a mountain bike with interchangeable gears, helmet, water, and snacks. There is no age limit but participants do need to be able to ride safely on a mountain bike. Michael will be offering a 30 minute bike tune-up session starting at 11:30am at the trailhead parking lot, just prior to the ride. This will include tire and chain checks, if needed.

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  1. 16:38
    QOD: yellow Jeep Wrangler

    1. Yeah, Katherine! Running ANOTHER mile?! KBFoto is definitely testing positive for polaroids!

  2. Lightning McQueen: 14:00 (95#)
    QoD: The 80’s G-Wagons – any color

  3. 18:00
    QOD – I want a dodge viper sooooo bad!!!!

    1. The viper still wouldn’t go as fast as your Assault Bike mile, Glo!

  4. 16:12 (75#)
    A red Jeep Wrangler

    1. Way to get after your run today, Brittney!

  5. I still didn’t beat Dail. (It’s on my bucket list tho!)

    17:05 Rx. If I hadn’t run an 11-minute mike I’ve have had a decent time.

    QoD: Late 90’s hard top Porche. Black.

    1. We actually quit trying to beat Dail back in the spring, Scott. We just kinda hope to stay close these days haha. Thanks for dropping in today, man!

  6. Scott aka the Mighty Thor, I am in your head!

    1978 Sky Blue Monte Carlo!

    This was a GREAT week of WODs! Also anytime I get to workout with Scott Brannan and Shea Coker it is going to be a FUN day!

  7. 17:00 (75#)
    QoD: better than a Tesla….?

    1. If you run faster than your shins have time to hurt, just keep running….? haha Nice work, April!

  8. 16:50 rx

  9. 13:57 Rx
    QoD: Excursion

  10. WOD: 13:44 (85#) and what a great noon class!!!

    QoD: 4Runner or a Corvette… I’d be pretty happy with either.

    1. Don’t call it a comeback – you’ve been here for years! Welcome home, Shea!

  11. 19:09 rx
    qod : jeep wrangler 🚗

    1. Brookelyn’s getting STRONG! 💪

  12. ⚡️Lightning McQueen⚡️ 19:06 55lb- no other mods.

  13. 13:10 75# bar

    I’m a muscle car fan, so a 69 Yenko Camaro.

    1. 13:10? Mike, you ARE a muscle car!

  14. 16:38

    1. I know I’m saying it to you every day, Leslie but it’s SO AWESOME how consistent your attendance is right now!

  15. 15:25 RX
    QOD – G Wagon so I can fit in with my kardashian family

    1. The G Wagon was also my answer. Let’s totes get a juice w/ Khloe tho

  16. 16:45 @135lbs

    White Toyota Tundra TRD pro

    1. Awesome to see that shoulder mobility paying off, Blake. The front rack MAJORLY improved today, brother!

  17. 16:45 Lightning McQueen 95lbs

    1. Awesome push on your 1 Mile Bike, Andrew!

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