Friday 06.05.20

3 Rounds:
8 Front Squats (185/135)
10 Toes to Bar
15/12 Calorie Bike

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Question of the Day

CV Bulletin
Launching a new Benchmark workout today, CV Family! “Inferno” is a burning triplet of squats, gymnastics, and bike riding. This is our second gym benchmark – hit it hard and we will retest another day! Watch Coach Mindy introduce the WOD with a blistering time of 6:39.

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  1. 6:26. 85# bar/TTB/10 Cals
    QOD: UGGS for life

  2. 7:10
    10 cal bike
    I could live in UGGS

  3. 7:17 RX and unbroken thanks Coach Dave! 🙃 legs were literally dead after! Teaching at CB before made of feel like a competition! I love that feeling!!

    QOD: I almost posted my answer last night bc I was so excited! UGGs fo LYFE!!! They are literally good for any season!!

  4. 7:36 165#
    CROCS for sure

    1. Great meeting y’all today. Hopefully I’ll get back in a more consistent Friday routine up there.

  5. 🔥 Inferno 🔥
    3 Rounds
    8 back squats 35#
    10 toes to pole
    200m run

  6. Inferno: 8:06- 75#, rx reps: toes2bar and 12calbike…that was a fun burn! Noon class was 🔥
    QoD: closest thing to Birks…crocs?

  7. 5:56 (85#, toes to waist, 12 cals)
    I’m with April—Birks all day.

  8. 7:23 @ 135#. Great to be in class again today guys. Fun time but I just can’t let Dail beat me again. He gets reeeeaaallllly cocky! HA!

    I’ve never had either but if UGGS are good enough for Tom Brady then they’re my pick.

  9. 🔥 Inferno 🔥- 7:33, 10 cal bike, 55lb
    Wow! The crew and energy was awesome today!
    QoD: UGGS, specifically the slippers.

  10. 8:00 (#85, T2B, 12 cal) OUCH!
    QoD: I only have UGG tennis shoes but they are my absolute favorites. Never had crocs.

  11. 7:50 75# T2W row 12 Cal….

    QOD- I don’t own a pair of either and I’ve never tried them on… so TOMs!

  12. 5:54 185#. My quads may never be the same again lol.

    QoD: crocs!

    1. And this is the reason me and Trey refer to you as Rx. Awesome work.

  13. 6:17 95lb bar rx the reps.

    Qod: A good pair of shoes.

  14. 7:45 135# (unbroken first set.2nd. 4/4 6/2 last set) toes to waist(working on form) rx bike

  15. Oh yeah… and crocs for days. I literally wear them nonstop at home:: my favorite are floral 😂 Mamaw called and wanted them back 😂😂😂

  16. WOD: 8:46 RX
    QOD: is Cruggs and option?

  17. 6:02 toes to waist. What is an Uggs?

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