Friday 05.15.20


Strict Press
Build to a Heavy Set of 5

Bavarian Pretzels
5 Strict Press (95/65)
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
5 Strict Pull-ups
15 Push-ups

Post heaviest load and time to comments.

Question of the Day:
What foreign food is the best?

CV Bulletin:
**Save the Date**
Memorial Day “Murph” – Monday, May 25

We are so thankful to be able to come together to perform this Hero workout. Just a few weeks ago, we were unsure if this would even be a possibility but now we can happily say that we get to have this memorial day at our gym. However, to comply with safety regulations, there will be a slightly different format to this year’s Murph. We are going to have several classes on Monday morning and each will be capped at 15 participants. Class sign-ups will be available at the gym starting on the morning of Monday, May 18th and the class roster spots will be on a first come, first served basis. Classes offered will be as follows:


For a second announcement and to commit to radical transparency, the gap between our 7:30am and 9:00am Saturday classes was designed to be a window in which members of each class could spend time together. Just like the locker breaks in high school, we want our members to engage in conversation, laughs, and have some simple hangout time. However, the 30 minute gap is just too large of a time frame for early class members to stick around for and to have 9 o’clockers to come in early. Therefore, starting on Saturday, May 23rd the second Saturday class will move up 30 minutes to 8:30am. But no worries! We are still going to buffer a few minutes for you to be able to chat with your buddies and hangout with people of each class before the start of the second class. Therefore the new Saturday schedule, effective May 23rd, will look as follows:

CV Compete: 6:00am
CrossFit: 7:30am
CrossFit: 8:30am

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  1. Heavy strict press 40#

    Ring rows
    Knee push ups

  2. Heavy 40#
    7 rounds + 20 with 26# kb, 25# SP, ring rows
    QOD: Italian!

  3. 5 strict press @ 70#
    6+3; 45# press, 36# kbs, ring rows, pushups
    QOD: Mexican and Italian are my two favs!

  4. Modified Bavarian Pretzels: 7 Rounds
    5 Right-Arm Strict DB Press (35#)
    15 Russian Kettlebell Swings (53#)
    5 Strict Pull-ups
    30s Forearm Plank

    QoD: Traditional German food is my favorite by a mile. Bratwurst, Spätzle, Currywurst, Sauerkraut, Wheat Beer, Brotchen and jam … I love it all.

  5. 6+3

  6. 6+3
    QoD; Ceviche is my favorite food i think.

  7. 105# x 5
    53# KB
    1 strict pull up
    All food!!

  8. 20#
    5 rds + 9 reps
    Mexican or Chinese

  9. Strict Press: 55#
    Bavarian Pretzels: 6 rds + 9 reps
    strict press: 35#
    kb: 35#
    pullups: green band (3 reps)
    pushups: on wall ball
    QoD: does the sea count as foreign? I can put away some seafood.

  10. Strict Press: 50lb
    Bavarian Pretzels: 6+4
    35lb/26lb KB/ ring rows
    QOD: Steak…however I can get it.

  11. 5 rep max : 55lbs
    6 + 2
    wod mods : 35lb strict presses , 35lb kettlebell swings , 3 strict pull-ups , & 9 strict push-ups
    qod : italian

  12. Worked up to 140lbs for 5 reps strict

    7 rounds even

    5 95lbs press
    15 Russian kbs 53lbs
    5 strict pull ups
    15 push ups

    Went unbroken in press, kettlebells

    Pull ups did variations of 3-2;2-2-1

    Push ups did variations of 10/5;8-7;7-5-3 mostly

    I would have to say I’m a big fan of Mexican although I love sushi as well

  13. 5 rep max:105
    WoD Mods: 65 strict press 35lb kB
    QoD: Japanese food or whatever sushi is

  14. Heavy strict press 40# for Amanda
    Heavy strict press 20# for Renée
    5+ 5 35# barbell, 26 lb KB, green banded pull-ups, wall ball push ups – Amanda
    10 15# barbell, 18 lb KB, ring rows, wall ball pushups

  15. 5 rep max 45# Tried 65
    Did 5 full rounds and stopped I was hurting. 45# for the workout too.. green and red band pull ups push ups from wall ball. I feel like TRex right now I can’t move my arms!!!!

    QOD – all food! I like all foods!! Haha! Mexican, Japanese’s …. I’ll eat anything besides dancing squad

  16. 1×5 @ 60#
    6 rds + 4, 45# bar, 35#kb, 1 strict pull-up attempt ( I got my first in the warm-up and nothing after lol), strict push ups
    QoD: With a maiden name like Mozingo you know it’s Italian!!!

  17. Strict press heavy 60#
    5rds+25 : 45#press, 35#kb, green/red pu, and push ups
    QoD: Japanese

  18. 5+20
    75# strict press
    Yellow band KB
    ring rows
    Strict push up till collapse and finish the 15 from knees.
    No absolute favorite, always found some good food in every country I’ve been to.

  19. Heavy strict press 45#
    25# KB
    Pull ups green band
    Push ups wall ball

    QoD: Mexican and Italian are pretty equal!!

  20. Only have a 44# kettlebell but otherwise got 6 rounds +5 Rx after 125# x 5 strict press. Fun one. Thanks!

  21. Heavy 90#
    WOD: 6 rounds 32 reps
    55# bar 26# kb blue/red jcup pull up
    QOD: Japanese!! Sushi makes me happy

  22. 5rm: 85#

    WOD: 6 + 17 Rx

  23. 195×5 strict press. Heavy
    95×5 strict presses all reps unbroken til round 5 got three.
    53# kettlebell All reps
    Blue band strict pull ups. All reps.
    Purple band added on round 3
    All pushups

    I’m with clay on the German food. Jaeger schnitzel!!!

  24. 75lb x 5 strict press heavy
    7 rounds 3 reps
    55lb strict press, 35lb KB, blue band strict pull-ups, push-ups from wall-ball


    1. Correction!!!! 6 rounds 3 reps

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