Friday 05.08.20


Black Widow
On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:
14/10 Calorie Row
14 Dumbbell  Snatches (50/35)
4 Bar Muscle-ups

Post slowest round’s time to comments.

Question of the Day:
Which tv show needs to make a comeback?

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  1. 1:47 slowest
    10# db
    QOD: Dawson’s Creek

  2. 1:43 slowest round; RX row and dbs, 4 updowns to ringrows.
    QOD: I would be happy if TRL on MTV made a comeback.

    1. Carson Daly always brought the fire!

  3. 2:05; 30 lb db, 4 burpees to ringrows
    QOD: Mindhunter…one of the greatest shows ever…gone after just two seasons

  4. 1:59
    QOD: That 70’s show.

  5. 2:18 RX never in a MILLION YEARS, would I have thought I’d miss gymnastic movements!!
    QOD: The Wonder Years!

  6. 1:38 25#, 75# rows
    Qod: nightly news that we all trust

  7. 1:55 10#, 8 cal row, 4ring rows
    QoD: Anne with an E

  8. 1:52 25# 10cal row 4 updown/ring rows
    QoD: This is the only question I haven’t had to think twice about – FRIENDS!

  9. 2:00, 10 cal row, 25#, up down/pull-ups. In case Trey doesn’t post, he got his first muscle up 💪🏻😍😎

    QoD: Everybody Loves Raymond & Home Improvement

    1. Trey did so good today!!!! It was so fun to see him!

    2. WOOOO 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. 1:56. 15# dumbbell, Burpees and ring rows

  11. 2:15 50# snatch, purple band BMU.
    QoD Wonder Years

  12. 1:45. 25# snatch. Box + 2 45plates for muscle ups.
    QOD: Laguna Beach/The Hills

    1. Way to work on that head positioning at the top of the bar today, Morgan!

      Also, Lauren Conrad for president!
      Spencer & Heidi never stood a chance.

  13. 1:48; 10lb, 6cal/row, 4 up/down 4 ring rows
    Who’s the Boss!!!

  14. 1:44, 25lb, 10cal/row, 4 up/downs 4 ring rows

    Full House

    1. Fuller House: happy nostalgia or disgrace to all things Michelle Tanner?

  15. 1:57 fastest, RX reps, 30#, pull ups.
    Speed Buggy and the Dukes of Hazzard

  16. 1:30
    10c row, 20#db snatches, up:down+ring row
    QoD: Rescue911

  17. 2:30 I think not positive
    40lb db
    Jump muscle ups
    QoD: The office even tho it wouldn’t last long in 2020

  18. around 2:00 each round i think
    wod mods: rx row , 20lb dumbbell snatches , 1 bar muscle up
    qod: the 100

  19. 1:57
    20LB/up down with run row
    I’ve need to use my hips!

    QOD: The TGIF line up. I enjoyed my childhood family Friday nights gathered around the tv for Step by Step, Family Matters, etc.

  20. Black Widow: 1:57
    40# snatches
    Up downs and Ring Rows

    QoD: The Office only if Steve Carrell comes back

  21. 1:50
    10 cal row, up downs to ring row, 15#
    QoD: FRIENDS no question about it

  22. 1:47 10 Cal / 20# / Burpees – Rings

  23. Slowest round: 1:55
    Up downs and ring rows
    QoD: Saved by the Bell {old school}

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