Friday 05.01.20

Iron Man
For Time:
30 Lateral Barbell Burpees
15 Deadlifts (275/185)
Run 800 Meters
15 Deadlifts (275/185)
30 Lateral Barbell Burpees

Post score to comments.

Question of the Day
Who was your favorite childhood superhero?

CV Bulletin
Welcome back, team! We’re reopening the gym with benchmark workouts that we will do a few times per year to retest our fitness. Today’s workout, “Iron Man” is the first of that series. Humble, Hungry, and Happy. Let’s get after it!

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  1. Good stuff!

    1. 215# 10:11 great to be back

      1. Man, such a beast!

  2. 10:35
    45lbs deadlift
    20 burpees
    Wonder Woman

    1. You ARE Wonder Woman! Welcome back, Katherine!

    2. Crushing it Katherine! Way to go!

  3. 11:40 75#
    Wolverine was my guy

    1. Can’t go wrong with a metal alloy skeleton my man! Let’s go!

  4. Iron Man: 10:42 (185#)
    QoD: Hulk Hogan and Red Power Ranger. They count – don’t @ me

  5. Iron Man: 8:43 (20 burpees, 75#, 600m)
    QoD: Wonder Woman

    1. Welcome back, Hannah Bolinger! That one was “good.”

  6. 11:06 the 800m run to the stop sign is wayyyyy longer 😉
    Wonder Woman fo sho!!!

    1. Yeah because you’re wayyyyy fitter

    2. Get it Sarah! Always up for the “extra” challenge! Nice job!

  7. Ironman 10:59 (20 up downs/ 75#/ 800meter 2 loop)

    Wonder Woman

    1. Stephanie the Runner is turning into Stephanie the Running Weightlifter! #BEASTMODE

      1. I’m officially changing the “I am IRONMAN” tagline to “I am Stephanie Long”!!!!! Crushed it today Stephanie!

  8. 12:00
    105# DL
    I was obsessed with Superman. I used to wear the “S” logo earrings. LOL #coolestkidontheblock #onlykidontheblock

    1. Follow of question for you Mel! Who was your favorite Superman actor? Extra credit on the earrings btw!

  9. 11:40 Full Send
    Does WWE Wrestlers count as super heroes?? I loved me some Stone Cold Austin.

    1. And that’s the bottom line because Coach Mindy said so! Totally counts!

  10. 10:42 105# I’m pretty sure that was a 900m run!
    Wonder Woman

    1. We need the extra 100m to catch up to you Missy! WAY TO CRUSH IT today!

  11. 9:48
    20 up down bar hops
    15 95lbs dead lifts
    800m row

    1. Favorite super hero was superman
      But favorite comic book, HULK

      1. Respect Alex! Respect!

  12. 12:59. 145#.
    QOD: if Clay’s red power ranger counts then mine was the pink power ranger.

    1. Omg, if you guys ever want to go to Jaycee Park and fight off Putty Patrollers, lmk!

    2. The Mighty Morphing Morgan and Clay! Trick question…no google allowed…how many different colors of power rangers were there?

  13. 11:05
    15 burpees
    Batman was my fav….and still is, let’s be honest 😂 🤣

  14. 11:14
    30 burpees
    The flash ⚡️⚡️

  15. 12:26
    30burpee, 95#dl, 800m run
    Dod: “She ra” look it up!

    1. You may have just won the internet April!

  16. 9:05ish
    105lb deadlifts
    fav is the flash

  17. 11:00
    QOD: Britney Spears

    1. Most underrated answer on the blog! Welcome back, Runions!

    2. That truly is the best answer!!

  18. Iron Man: 11:12
    15 lateral burpees
    15 deadlifts (85lb)
    800m run
    15 deadlifts (85lb)
    15 lateral burpees

    QOD: I just liked dolls…but as I got older Iron Man because of his sense of humor!

  19. 10:01
    135 lb deadlift

    1. Dying over Bethany’s answer to the qod! 🤣 My fave super hero was Michaelangelo from Ninja Turtles…. he counts, right?

      1. Who doesn’t love pizza and nunchuck’s! Let’s go!

  20. I honestly don’t remember my time, 13:40 maybe with 105# deadlifts. I was too busy dying from burpees, but holy moly am I glad to be back!! 😂😂 Does Miss Piggy count as a super hero, because she was definitely my hero as a child. 😅

  21. 13:32 user 13:32

    Does Richard Perry count as a childhood super hero?

    1. How sweet was that blue charger! The good ole days Rob!

  22. 9:21
    Are X-Men considered super hero’s? If so, the beast.

    1. Mic drop after this one Deena! Well done!

  23. 7:46. I think part of my soul is still somewhere in the gym. Shew.

    QOD: umm Dale Earnhardt. He definitely counts.

  24. 10:20. 225lb. 20 burpees. 400m

    Hulk hogan!

  25. 11:02 – 20 up downs, 600M, 195lb DL

    Let me share my hero with a quote….

    “It’s so hard for me to sit back here in this studio, looking at a guy out here, hollering my name!- when last year I spent more money on spilled liquor in bars from one side of this world to the other than he made. You’re talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, WHOA!, wheelin dealin, limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun and I’m having a hard time holding these alligators down!”

    16 time World Heavyweight Champion

    The Nature Boy – Ric Flair

  26. Dude Iron Man was legit. Time 12:55 Rx in my garage. I was 16 burpees in to the first set and realized that bad things were going to happen. Love the site is upgraded. Much ❤️ to you guys.

  27. Ben Grimm, the Thing from the Fantastic Four! We named our son after him.

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