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Alright, guys! Health Factor #2 is “Train.” By the way, these are not in any particular order. One could make extremely convincing claims for each of them to be number one or for each of them to be number five. You could think of these as five pillars or columns supporting a building. If any of them falter, the whole structure could weaken (or collapse).

The Power of Measuring Fitness

How do most doctors track your health? Blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, and glucose. What you do in the gym can also serve as biomarkers of your health. If someone can deadlift 1x their bodyweight, run an 8 minute mile, and do 17 burpees in a minute you hypothesize that their blood pressure, cholesterol, body composition, and glucose are most likely in healthy ranges.

What I am not saying is that if you are fit you do not need to see a doctor. But, what I am saying is measuring your fitness does in fact positively impact your health in a big way. And this is exactly what we are doing when we do Rounds For Time, AMRAPs, EMOMs, 1RMs, and everything in between!





What’s your Deadlift?

Sickness: ½ BW

Wellness: 1-1.5x BW

Fitness: 2x BW

What’s your Mile time?

Sickness: 12+ Minutes

Wellness: 8 Minutes

Fitness: Sub 6 Minutes

How many Burpees can you do in a minute?

Sickness: 5-10

Wellness: 15-20

Fitness: 25-30

Odds are if an athlete can deadlift 1x their body weight, run an 8 minute mile, AND do 15-20 burpees in a minute, their body composition, cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels are healthy too!

Country Roads [All Tracks] (Calories)


1,600 Meter Run

Max Calorie Bike

Rest 4 Minutes


1,200 Meter Run

Max Calorie Bike

Rest 3 Minutes


800 Meter Run

Max Calorie Bike

Rest 2 Minutes


400 Meter Run

Max Calorie Bike

Rest 1 Minute


200 Meter Run

Max Calorie Bike

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