Clinch Valley CrossFit – Burgener Strength – CVCF


Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Crossover Symmetry or Banded 7’s

2. Mayhem Hip Halo Activation

3. Barbell Prep

Burgener clean warm-up

Front squat skill transfer exercises

3x High Hang Clean + 3x Hang Clean + 3x Clean

** full details in coach notes **

Barbell Prep (Checkmark)

3 Sets

14 Double KB Overhead Walking Lunge (14 total steps)

:40 Push Up (Descent should take :20, Ascent should take :20)

20 KB Side Bend (10 right side/10 left side)

Hang Clean

Hang Cleans (Mid Thigh) 4×3

3 Hang Cleans @ 70% 1RM Clean

3 Hang Cleans @ 70% 1RM Clean

3 Hang Cleans @ 75% 1RM Clean

3 Hang Cleans @ 75% 1RM Clean

Bar height should be at Mid Thigh. Take from blocks if you have them.

Push Press

Push Press Barbell Cycling 10-8-6-4-2

10 Push Press

8 Push Press

6 Push Press

4 Push Press

2 Push Press

-Rest as needed in between sets-

*These will be cycled. Move up in weight each set and build to a heavy set of 2

**Keep your movement fluid and precise!

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