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Workout (Calories)

Noah’s Ark

Freedom (RX’d)

Teams of 3: AMRAP 30:00

P1 – 40/32 Calorie Row

P2 – 30/24Calorie Bike

P3 – Rest


Teams of 3: AMRAP 30:00

P1 – 30/24Calorie Row

P2 – 24/20Calorie Bike

P3 – Rest


Teams of 3: AMRAP 30:00

P1 – 20/15Calorie Row

P2 – 15/12Calorie Bike

P3 – Rest
Score is total accumulated calories for the row + the bike for the team.


Double DB Prone Row

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*Build to a moderate weight, stay the same or build across sets

Focus: Raise the height of a bench on either side so that athlete can lay face-down on a bench and extend arms to the floor without making contact with ground. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and pull with the elbows, focusing on a strong contraction at the top of each rep.

Double DB Prone Row

Lying DB Hamstring Curl

*Rest 1:30-2:00 b/t sets

Focus: Lying face down on a bench, hold a dumbbell between both feet. Athletes may find that it’s easiest to have someone place the dumbbell between their feet rather than trying to load themselves. Extend the legs and curl the weight back to the starting position.

Lying DB Hamstring Curl

Mobility (No Measure)

1 min Calf Smash (each)

1 min Foam roll Hamstrings

1 min Barbell quad smash (each side)

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