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Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate

3 sets:

20 Plate Toe Touches

5 Up Downs

10 PVC Pass Throughs

5 PVC Overhead Squats

– into –

3 sets (Empty Barbell)

3 Hang Snatch High Pull

3 Hang Muscle Snatch

3 Snatch Push Press

3 Hang Squat Snatch

2. Strength Prep

Athletes will have 10 minutes to establish a 3rm on hang squat snatch. For this strength, athletes should hang on to the bar (not dropping to the floor) until all three reps are completed. For athletes who cannot overhead squat, allow them to perform hang power snatch. Bar will be taken to above knee level for each hang position, and athletes should be mindful of keeping the chest up while loading in this position to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the low back. Once athletes reach their 3RM, they should hit a few practice snatch grip deadlifts and then finish with 3×3 @90% of 1RM. If athletes don’t have a max, then keep the weight moderate and work on form.

3. Workout Prep

2 sets:

2 Bar Facing Burpees

2 Overhead Squats (build in weight)


Hang Snatch (Establish a 3 RM Hang Squat Snatch for the day)

Snatch Grip Deadlift (3 Sets of 3 @ 90% 1RM Snatch)

Metcon (Time)

“Cousin It”

Freedom (RX’d)

5 Rounds

10 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Overhead Squats (135/95)

(KG conv: OHS 61/43)


5 Rounds

10 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Overhead Squats (115/80)

(KG conv: OHS 52/36)


5 Rounds

10 Up Downs

10 Dumbbell Front Squats (light)

Target time: 6:30-7:30

Time cap: 10 minutes



Cooldown/Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min foot smash w/ lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min Couch Stretch (each side)

1 min Foam Roll Lats (each side)


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